Friday, November 13, 2009

Wish List

There are some things in my day to day existence that give me complete and utter joy.  Things that are simple, that we all do out of need and habit.  Things we do everyday and don't even think about - or do think about- really hard, 3 times a day.  For me, thats eating.  I think about food all the time.  I love food, and food loves me.  I look forward to my meals.  They are the highlight of my day.  I'll be on the bus and wonder what I'm going to cook when I get home.  What gastronomic debauchery can I get up to today? Should I invite someone to share in my bliss, or should I hoard it all alone and maybe create something delectable to share with them later?  So many choices.  So many yummy things to eat.  I love food so much that I find it a shame that I don't live in another country because my favorite food might be there.  And I don't even know it! I'm sure I'm missing out. I get hungry thinking about my favorite food I've never tasted.  HAHAHHA!  I KILL MYSELF!
But, like everything in life, there is a dark side.  And no, I am not taking about the fall into the world of cellulite, or ill health from over consumption, but something even worse than acid reflux, and that, my dear friends would be -
Always looming in the sink, on the counter.  Taunting me!  Watching me.  Laughing at me!  I can hear them now.  Muhahahahhahaa!  Wretched soiled dishes, pots and pans!  What's worse is I have to clean them before I can enjoy any more deliciousness!  UGH!
My idea of heaven....

Countertop Dishwasher
...ahhh, take me away!!!

What a Beautiful Sight

Just big enough for a singleton.  And
I can (like the guy down the hall does) call you...lets see...
Brad.  Brad the dishwasher.  I can say to my guests,
"Oh, no, no need to help me tidy up.  Brad is doing the dishes...."

A girl can only dream.  God, please give me a TV series, so I can buy one of these.  Or better yet, God, let me win a 1000.00 a week for life.  I promise to do the happy dance, un-like the sour sack Shoppers Drug Mart guy!


  1. hey Suzanne! Thank you so much for commenting on my blog. I knew that any girl who could make me laugh out loud from her comment must have an equally awesome blog. And you don't disappoint. I'm glad to have found you and look forward to following along in your adventures.

    Julie (

  2. Yay! Julie! So glad you made it! Welcome to Suzanne's world! You are my guest! Would love to make you some spaghetti and give advice about the color choices to your new home! I can live vicariously through you friend :)

  3. YOU! are FUNNY! why aren't you doing standup?!! or ARE you? can I come see?!!!


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