Saturday, November 14, 2009

FASHION: African American Flappers!

Tis the season for parties!
I'm currently doing research for a costume to wear for a 1920's themed Christmas party.  Only, its never referred to now as "Christmas Party" but more like "Winter Celebration" or "End of the year Party" or "Holiday Party", whatever, we all know its still Christmas.
Again, I digress....
I am currently doing research for a costume to wear for a 1920's themed Christmas Party and have happily stumbled upon several old photos of African American Flappers!!  (talk about a run on sentence!)
I couldn't believe my eyes!  Really!  I don't know why I was so shocked, I mean there were Black Folks in the 1920's but it was beyond cool to see these incredible photos.  I was beaming like crazy at the coffee shop and instead of doing my work, I just continued searching for more and more!  Look at what I found!  Freaking WICKED!!!

Fabulous right??? She will be the base for the
look I will create.  Look at that feather chapeau!

Love these two!  Just a day shopping with the best friend :)

Dahling you look so elegant!  Check out those Brows!
I'm so stealing them!

Stealing the lipstick here!  Work it with that Vamp Look ma sista!
What the heck am I gonna do with my locs?

Girl, RuPaul wishes she was you!!

Isn't that GREAT!  Hahaha!  I love it!
I'm already putting together a look in my mind and am going to have a riot doing it.  Hey, I live for this stuff!  I cannot wait!  So keep your eyes peeled, I have a ton of ideas and am going to do a video of the look I put together.  I'm so inspired!  Wish the Christmas Party was this weekend!  Yeah, I said Christmas!  What? ;)

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