Monday, December 28, 2009

Eye Candy

Can't keep my eyes off this image.

Her work is definitely an acquired taste, but I love this one...

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Vibert Phillip Bastien - Happy Birthday

The Most Beautiful Man in My World
Vibert Phillip Bastien - Daddy to me...

He taught me how to laugh, how to tell a riveting story, how to cook chicken, how to pray, how to dance, he called me mamma, he taught me all about music, Motown, how to sing, how to use electrical tape, how to tie a tie, how to respect myself, used to let me watch him shave and used to sing opera when shaping his mustache, how to fry an egg, the importance of always dressing smart, how real men didn't need to swear or smoke, or drink to be smooth, what a fuse was, and that my horrible pimple was beautiful and I could go to school with pride....

Happy Birthday Daddy
I'm proud to be your daughter and I miss you so...
I feel you today and celebrate you quietly in my heart....

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Funny Guy's Talent Show

We all have talents! Funny Guy has many, but I love this one! He could save the lives of many a GAP employee! Ha!
Pretty great huh?? :)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Man, feels like forever since I did a stalk!  Its difficult when everyone is running to get out of the rain!  But I lucked upon this fabulous lady while brunching with a friend in one of my favoirte greasy dives!  I cut out the pics and put them against another back drop cause I didn't think you wanted to see a substantial dude getting his omlette and bacon on!
Behold funky soul sista Luam.

Who: Luam
Where: Greasy Dive "Nice Cafe"
Top:  On loan from a friend sitting across from her
Skirt: (fabulous, but restaurant was too small
to show you entire length.  Maxi.)
Addiction (in Victoria)

Love the waistline of this skirt!

Love a sister looking rough and tough
in her afro puff :)

Luam rocking a lip ring.  Fabulous!

Go get you some Luam!!

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Monday, December 21, 2009

AVATAR - Please Take Me to Pandora!!!

Me as Suz'tryi

Ok, I am officially OBSESSED!  I LOOOOOVED THAT MOVIE!  Every freaking moment of it.  I think I smiled like a lunatic through the whole thing and clapped at many inappropriate times from the sheer joy of it! I was watching moving ART and because of the 3-D glasses, felt part of it!  It was - and I have seen thousands of thousands of movies - the most SPECTACULARLY BEAUTIFUL films ever experienced.  STUNNING!  Stimulated my imagination, moved me to almost tears, and made me fall in love.  I would so want to be part of the Na'vi and actually feel part of them.  I mean, look at that hair...not to far off don't cha think?

Loved the movie, didn't love some of the performances.
Right off the top, I wasn't impressed with Sigourney Weaver.  BORING!  I thinks she's a good actor, love her in everything else she did, but she just fell flat on this one.  I would almost say that I thought it was lousy casting.  She was a bit over the top.  Another over the top performance is the amazing Giovanni Ribisi. I say amazing because I know he's a great actor, but plllease!  Talk about over acting.  I think in a way guy is a bit too good.  He is a very particular talent.  He has to play in the right film and be cast in the right part or he just seems like overkill. Not very convincing. I didn't buy that he was boss man.  I also don't think he had the right look, but..whatever.   Hey, maybe I just didn't like his character.   The whole "tree monkeys" racist comment I found incredibly offensive, but really, I just don't think he worked.  Love him - wanna see him in something else.

But none of this affected my enjoyment of the movie.  Those two issues were a mere itch to me.  I was transported.  The story line was touching and the computer generated - Motion Capture, animated performances were completely believable. Seamless, so freaking realistic, I believe the Na'vi existed and had every being had a beating heart.  I can't wait to find out how they did it.  I am going to see this again, and I already know what my costume for Halloween is gonna be.  But why wait till then?  I'm seriously thinking of running around in a thong and painting my body blue.  But in the meantime photoshop will have to do.

Hey, Check out my Avi :) 

Go get you some!  See this movie!  You won't regret it!

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Sunday, December 20, 2009

RIP Britney Murphy

Britney Murphy
LOS ANGELES - Actress Brittany Murphy died Sunday morning in Los Angeles, reports TMZ. She was 32.

The actress known for her roles in such films as "Clueless," "8 Mile" and "Girl Interrupted" suffered full cardiac arrest and could not be revived.

She was taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center after her husband, Simon Monjack, called emergency services. It was there she was pronounced dead on arrival.

It may be strange for me to comment on such an event, but I did a movie with Britney years ago, and I am truly affected by her passing.  

It was a teeny film that went straight to video and at the time, even though I knew who she was, I was not a big fan or anything.  But when I met her she was not what I expected.  She completely charmed me and the entire cast.  Really she was a lovely person and to this date she was one of the most memorable "celebrities" I've ever had the pleasure of meeting and working with.  I am saddened that she's gone.  

"Hello, I'm Britney Murphy" she smiled.  She put out her skinny hand and gave me a firm shake.  She had the most beautiful eyes.  I had no idea.  They sparkled.  Like glittered.  Really.  I was just a day player, I only had around 3 lines in this feature, and she treated me with so much respect.  My lines were directed to her, I played an executive that she was giving a Power Point presentation to.  She had huge amount of dialogue, a massive speech, and she made a couple of mistakes, but it didn't throw her off, she just was so professional and rehearsed it over and over again in between takes. I would have fallen down the abyss if it were me but she kept giving it her all and finally nailed it.  Now and then she would come up to me and we would joke and dance around.  She had an INCREDIBLE singing voice.  I didn't even know she could sing, but she did an imitation of Billie Holiday that would make your hair stand on end.  I told her "girl, you need to make an album!  Your freaking GREAT!".  She said "Oh, thank you...I think I might, but I don't want it to be an actress going into music thing.  I just want to do it right".  I was told she made a single once, but I never did get the chance to hear it.  

After she did her difficult scene, the director told her she could leave the set and take a break, and I would say my lines off camera to the wall.  She said "Huh?  No way, I'm here for my fellow actor, Suzanne will have the wrong eyeline".  And she stayed and made sure I looked good.  Asked the director "hows this, is her eyeline ok?" I was so incredibly impressed.  She was at the best in my books from then on.  A lot of people dissed her as being flighty or on drugs or crazy, but all I saw was a loving, genuine person, who was interested in people and as sweet and authentic as can be.  If she lived in Vangrovy, I'd make her Indian food and we would be the best of friends!

Waiting for the bus home after my day on set, I bent down to try and fix my wonky handle on my suitcase when I heard this voice from the street.  "Suzanne!!!"   It was rainy and cold and I was peeved (as you know I am when its a sucky grey Vancouver day) and was not expecting to hear my name called in the middle of nowhere.  Looking up I saw Britney on the passenger side of a car, smiling and waving to me during a red light.  "Hey!!!" I yelled happily.   "Do you need a drive??" she asked.  I saw a bus coming in the distance and for some reason I thought it was easier just to jump on it so I said, "No honey, thanks though, the bus is coming, I'm not far!"  I blew her a kiss and she yelled "It was great working with you Suzanne!"  I don't know what hit me, but I ran up to the car to shake her hand and she took it and kissed it.  So cute!  She was lovely, and I wish to God I had taken her up on her offer and got to know her.

Britney, you will be missed.  You freaking ROCK!

RIP Britney Murphy!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Computer Love

Can I just tell you that I LOVE my computer?

Love it, love it, LOVE.

We have been having an affair now for about roughly 7 years.  It got really intense during my convalescence 7 years ago.  When I was recovering, my friend Darryl (a geek) gave me his laptop to amuse myself with.  I pushed it away saying I didn't believe in such soulless technology and spiritually I felt that it kept us away from each other.  My argument being everyone is on their computers sitting at home alone instead of out in the world touching each other.  Darryl insisted (in a lovely passive way) that I give it a go.  You know, "don't knock it till you try it".  I thought he was nuts, but being at home so much and in bed, I need a distraction and began surfing the internet. I began having fun.  A friend turned me onto the Sims and my life changed.  What?  I could build my own home, decorate it anyway I want.  Watch an Avatar I created to look like me live a life full of virtual friends and fancy wardrobes?  I could boss her around all I wanted, walk here, turn around there.  Dance, eat, do what I say.  What a joy!  I was obsessed of course, but alas, it wasn't real and after 4 sleepless nights in a row because there was a fire in my virtual swinging pad and my avatar was a nervous wreck, I decided to take a break and only play every other day.  Months later I stumbled on real life virtual worlds that had real people attached to them on the other end and that did it too me. "Second Life".  What a riot!    I began to obsess about "Second Life", and avatars.  How would I dress my avatar?  What club could I explore?  Could I start a business here?  Many had.  I whiled away most of the boring dark winter rain with "Second Life", and after a weird guy with a pony avatar started chatting me up (don't ask), I decided to call it quits.

My Virtual Self on Second Life
Was I nuts??? Hahaha!

I spend a lot of time on my computer.  I love it!! I recently bought a laptop - a Mac, sexy silver thing!   I take it with me to coffee shops and such to blog or do work.  Such freedom. I actually enjoy going into Mac stores and checking out accessories to go with my beloved Mac.  I'm always sliding my hand over the silver frame and think it so smooth and cool.  I am currently working on a computer skin to personalize it and make an artistic statement. Oh my God, I'm such a geek! Right now I'm blogging in bed and plan on watching an episode of "The Big Bang Theory" before I go to sleep.  I love the "Big Bang Theory".  All about geeks, which I have come to realize, I have now become a member of that club.  How do I know?  Because I saw a guy the other day in the coffee shop with a computer drawing tablet and went ballistic.  Also, I have programed my computer to talk and "Alex" now says "Sexy Suzanne, its 10:00"  or "Sexy Suzanne, Skype needs your attention".  Right now, he suggests I take a break and he's right. Yea, "he" my computer.  Ha! Strange how I always say "Thanks Alex".  I think I might be going a bit looney.

Stop reading and go get you some.

Friday, December 18, 2009

VIDEO OF THE WEEK: Hahahahaha!

Oh my God I looove Catherine Tate!  Derek NEVER gets old!
All I can say is "How VERY DARE You!!"

                         Catherine Tate as Derek

Go get you some!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Feels Like I have Been Waiting FOREVER!

One more day.  I simply cannot wait!  I am so first in LINE!!!!


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

FASHION IN THE CITY - Interview with Designer Alicia Grunert

As promised, here is my interview with the Talented Alicia Grunert!
Alicia was mentioned by Jaclyn A. Smith as one of her favorite designers when she was featured in my "Most Stylish People I Know" week.
Interviewing Alicia was so much fun. She is a really smart woman with a unique perspective on fashion.  I love her ideas and her feminine, body loving approach to design.   Jax looked wonderful in her designs, but truthfully, girlfriend always looks wonderful.  Probably would in a paper bag!  Hahaha!  I had tons of footage, but had to be brutal and cut it down to under 10 minutes so I could post it on YouTube.  Gotta tell ya, with editing you gotta be ruthless!  Grrr!

A little more about Alicia Grunert:


Now go get you some!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Time Traveling with Katherine Heigl

I was happily doing my Christmas Time yearly movie viewing when I came upon, "Holiday Inn" with Bing Crosby and Fred Astire.  It was the the original "White Christmas".  I coughed on my gingerbread cookie when I saw this lovely lady and exclaimed "Is that Katherine Heigl?"

Marjorie Renolds

Katherine Heigl

Talk about Separated at Birth

Wrong time period Kat :)

What do you think?

Monday, December 14, 2009

The Jackson's: A Family Dynasty

Ok, I know this is a veeerrry touchy subject.  But I can't keep my gob quiet about - "The Jackson's" new reality show.

Let me give a disclaimer right away. Ok?
I grew up with the Jackson's, I love the Jackson's, the Jackson's have been an influential part of my life, the Jackson's have relevence in musical history.  The Jackson's are my family. The Jackson's for President.  I know how to do the Jackson shuffle. Learned when I was a teeny wee babe and still do it on command.

But, I just think this is weird.

The Jackson's New Reality Show - The Jackson's: A Family Dynasty

To me, its like, Michael died and now they are getting back together again?  I didn't even have a thought about them before.  They're a bunch of old guys. Not really interested in them today.  Are you?   I'm sorry, this situation just reeks of, well, dare I say (exploitation).  I mean, it hasn't even been 6 months yet.  Let the mourners just come to terms with Michael's passing before everyone revises their career and benefits from the family being in the lime light.

Don't be hatin'.

I'm just sayin....

Sunday, December 13, 2009

SUNDAY MUSINGS: Christmas Time Is Here

Blue Christmas Lights c/o Funny Guy

Its snowing today in Vangroovy.  I'm eating serial at noon, listening to Vince Guaraldi "Christmas Time Is Here" and looking out the window at the fat, lazy white flakes riding gravity.  The earth loves does this joyful black chick.

I'm feeling happy, romantic and seriously grateful.

Last night I had a Christmas get together with a few friends.  Of course curry was the star of the night, it being a Bollywood Christmas theme (what else!).  I started cooking the day before because I didn't want to stress out the day of, as I knew I would, being the kind of woman who wants EVERYONE to be happy and would probably stand on her head to make sure that happens (and I have in the past let me tell you).  A ridiculous affliction, but it comes mostly from loving all my friends so much and being thankful for them.  Simple decorations, a bit of trashy silver fringe hanging over the door for dramatic entrances and exits and if I must toot my own horn, the best indian food EVER!  I made:

For the spicy challenged -
The good old Broccoli Leek Mash
Shrimp 2 ways.  1. Paprika Shrimp with Garlic & Ginger
                           2. Jerk Shrimp - c/o my beautiful absent friend Robinne, who left town the same day so brought her home made concoction to grateful me the day before during a drive by.  (Thank you so much Robinne, the animals were getting restless while we waited for everyone to show so I fried up a batch with your marinade and everyone was satiated and doing backflips from the deliciousness!)

For the real indian food lovers:
Rajma - (a great standby - Rajma is a Red Kidney Beans curry dish that makes you want to cry is so freaking good!)
Raita - (cucumbers in a yogurt dressing, juzhed up with coriander and paprika)
and the star of the show
Indian Spiced baked Salmon (that made your toes curl it was so melt in your mouth and full of flavor)

Special awards go to Funny Guy for his not so funny but freaking delicious Spinach Paneer Dish.  No laughter there just grateful grins and a few loud mmmms and ahhhs.  He knocked it out!

And the best entrance of the night with Ms. Neena for bringing delicious Basmati riced, with spices and peas - we were over the moon when she arrived!

And even with a full belly we made room for  Ilka and Jax for a homemade Tiramisu and Christmas Chocolate Chip Cookies

The Divine (and hungry)  Ms. Sarah
While everyone was happily feeding, I stood back and looked at everyone. Believe it or not had no need to partake.  I was so filled with happiness seeing everyone enjoying themselves. I love it!  It was like time stopped for a moment for me and everyone was kind of in slow motion.  Its been about 10 years since I have had a Christmas party.  Reasons stemming from finances to having no physical space, but I was determined to participate in Christmas this year. I didn't care. I made it work, Funny Guy brought some plates and lights, two of my friends helped by bringing chairs.   And man, I'm so glad I didn't let issues stop me.  Those reasons were lame, because all that matters this time of year is - excuse the cheeszyness - Giving.  Sounds cliché but its really true.  It felt so good.  The anticipation before friends arrive, the mumble of voices and laughter while your in the kitchen, the kisses, hugs, soft jazzy Christmas music in the background.  People shuffling in and out of the fridge to look for drinks.  The "wheres the spoons?  Where can I find glasses?" The smells of the spices, finding a place to sit.  At the end of the night, a trickle of people left in engrossing conversations or content with the warmth of the evening feeling no need to leave.  And me tinkering around in the kitchen, being grateful that someone else did the dishes. All this is magic to me.  And Christmas is all about hope, love and magic. Beautiful.

New friends old friends and me in bed wondering why I couldn't fall asleep.  After a while I noticed was because I couldn't relax my face I was smiling so hard from real joy.

Can my kitchen be any Smaller?

Now, go get you some.....

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Roaring 20's Party!! Yay!!

Had a real blast at the Sweat Co. Roaring 20's party on Saturday!!  Wall to wall flappers!  What could be better?

Now, as you know readers, I'm all about the period costume parties, so I had a riot putting together this look.  In the end, my love for photoshop made these photos sing, but the preparation for the festivities was a creative feast for me!  I decided to go Josephine Baker, Zigfieldesque for the evening and stuck with good 'ol black and white.  My fabulous friend Jaclyn A. Smith came with (along with many a protest) but we had a jazzy good time!  Maureen Wilson, the owner, was in full form looking like Rene Zellweger in "Chicago", but sadly I realized I didn't get a photo of her highness.  I hope to get hold of some and show you on another post.  In the meantime, here were some of my favorite looks.  Everyone went all out, but I ended up blabbing to these folks a lot and in between fun, took these shots..

Moi en Flapper

"Hahaha, oh Charles, your such a Cad! Are you going to Monty this season?"

Sweat Co.s Resident Heart Breaker Debbie

Don't know who this guy was, but he looked Fabulous!

Show Gal Deb

Gorgeous Mel - And she was gonna wear pants, pah!

Show Girls - Go head!

Me and The very posh Jaclyn A. Smith -Dahhling, peel me a grape!

Fabulous Duo, right on point!

Wonderful evenings with my peeps.  I love my Sweaty family.  Sweat Co, you Rock!

Now, go get you some!

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Monday, December 7, 2009

Rihanna & Shy Ronnie SNL

Ok, Rihanna has just gotten seriously high points with me for this one!!  Hahahhaa!  Oh too good!

Curses!!! Seems as though this video has been removed!  Freaks!  No love for Canadians!  Try this link.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Just Yuckky - Penelope Cruz

Is it just me, or is this beyond gross?

Penelope Cruz and her Sister Monica
(Yes, I said SISTER!  GOD!)
They did a music video together for her brother.
I think I just threw up in my mouth....

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Saturday, December 5, 2009


"James the Funky"

Was at my favorite coffee place working and James dropped by. Haven't seen him FOREVER.  Isn't he fabulous?  Always, always looks great.  Smart, cool, great taste.  You rock James! Gotta love the hat! :)

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Friday, December 4, 2009


Holy cow my life has been insane!!!!

How in the world do you 9-5ers do it?  Its MADNESS!!!
Get up early, wolf down a breakfast, run to work with a bunch of other people running, do your job with a good amount of stressful deadlines, have lunch, run back to work to meet more stressful deadlines, finish at 5:00!  The day is officially gone and I haven't done anything!!  Today I didn't even get lunch, I went to a call back audition and stressed that I wouldn't get back to the straight job on time. This week, my day begins at 5:00 and - I got no juice left. Taping, coaching, interviewing, catching up with friends, cleaning...freaking dishes!

On the other hand, I gotta say, its nice to be part of real society. I even broke out in a smile yesterday thinking about how fabulously normal I was, but its a shame I don't even have enough time to blab to you.  And I miss you all so much!
Let me fill you in on some juicy stuff.

The juciest of course; I have been seeing a lot of  "Funny Guy".  Thank God! Its been freaking GREAT! How wonderfully straight of me.  Work nine to five then seeing "the guy I'm dating" afterwards.  He rocks!!!
You'll be interested to know that "Funny Guy" and I have gone to a couple of movies, gone out to eat (of course - part of the mating ritual) and he has cooked me an Indian dinner in his wonderful swinging pad (complete with A DISHWASHER - lucky sod).  Oh and check this out - he loves doing the dishes!  Ha!  Nice match huh!  Hahaha! Lovely.  Dinner sent me straight to Smitten status.  The dude is funny, wears nice hats and cooks too!  WHATS GONNA HAPPEN, WHATS GONNA HAPPEN! Hope he doesn't have a psycho wife in the attic! Hahahaha!.... (gulp)
Don't worry I haven't forgotten about you my dear readers.
Just for little ol you,  I have filmed two interviews, and am preparing that 20's makeup tutorial video I promised you.
One interview is with the very talented local fashion designer Alicia Grunert. Sound familiar huh? Remember Jaclyn A. Smith from my "Most Stylish People I Know" week?  Alicia was the designer of two of her outfits featured in that Post.

Funny Guy and I went to see "New Moon", you know too see repressed vampires in angst but most importantly to see my hot friend and student, Charlie Bewley!!!!  Charlie plays "Demetri" one of the Volturi Guards in the movie.  I was over that New Moon with joy at seeing him.  The highlight of the movie if you ask me.  Just a cameo but there will be more of Charlie the Fabulous in the next installment of the series!  Charlie for President!!!
Charlie was just in town and took time out of his busy schedule to have a chat! Watch for it in the next week.

Charlie Bewley - New Moon

Love you guys!
Now go get you some!

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Sunday, November 29, 2009


Ah The life of an actor.
Look at what we have to go through to get a job!

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Where the heck is Don Draper?

Where ya been?!  I missed you!  Oh, ok, it was me :)  I missed two whole days of blogging.  And I certainly did feel it! I was very busy working. No, not on set. I actually got a temp job this week in an office and all I can say is, where the heck is Don Draper??

Don from "Mad Men" Well dressed business man!

When I started office temping again after a 7 year hiatus, I experienced a rude awakening. Did you guys know that the offices in TV land have nothing to do with real life!!  HA! How disillusioning! As an actor its easy to get displaced and think that the beautiful people you meet in the film world all look like that in the real world.  Its true, when I got my first assignment as a receptionist for a lawyers office I was positively displeased.  It occurred to me that the balding hunched over old dude was indeed the real life version of his television hot, way too young looking dynamic attorney counterpart.  It can't be true, I thought, there has to be some GQ young whipper snapper here somewhere.  One week later I found out the hottest lawyer was a nasally guy in Birkenstocks and green corduroys who still lived at home and liked to do medieval role play games on his off time. (and I ain't talking the sexy kind!)  Turns out that most lawyers only dress when they are going to court or have an important meeting, and when I say "dress" it doesn't mean that they automatically look great either.  I am one of those women that think, how hard can it be? How hard is it for men to dress well? Its not like they have a kadrillian choices.  Pants guys.  You don't have to try to choose from a list of items. A dress, skirt, separates, evening gown, pants, get the picture. For business, guys just need to find a half decent tie (and there are many to choose from) a shirt matching jacket and pants.  But tons get it wrong somehow and they certainly did in this office. And they are lawyers!  Doesn't that mean they have money?  They don't have to shop at Suzy Sheir or Forever 21 to look half decent.  They could get the real good stuff! There I was in my ensemble. The usual office attire.  Smart jacket, black vest, sensible ruffled shirt, pencil skirt, sheer hose, cool heel, hair groomed to perfection with a lovely dusting of day makeup complemented with shaded contoured eyes and gloss lips.  Completely OVERDRESSED of coures waiting for the phone to ring at the reception.  All because of TV! Hahaha!  People who came in eyed me great curiosity.  I'm sure they thought I was RuPaul or something.
But now in this office for one week, I am determined to have some fun.  On Monday I vow to dress up like Joan Harris from "Mad Men".  Whatever!  If I have to work a straight job (which I am thankful for by the way...), I'm gonna use it for scene study.  I'm going to do a updo and find anything I can in my closet that can pass for early sixties.  And I'll use Diahnn Carroll for reference.

Diahann Carroll.  Divine!

Go get you some!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

FASHION INSPIRATION: Shingai Shoniwa from Noisettes

This woman is seriously FIERCE!  So refreshing!  I love her style and music.  Seriously exciting!  That hair!  WICKED!

Shingai Shoniwa
Isn't she Cool!

Ooo! Oooo! Let me try!!!


I gotta tell ya!  This was FUN!


Hahaha!  Love it!

Oh man!  I'm so gonna rock this again.  This is Suzanne proving so much can be done with dreads!  Love my hair! Your turn Franchesca!

Now, go get you some!

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Who: Solange
Where: Our Town Cafe
Scarf: Gifted

Love this bandana. So 1940's!  Think I'll try it.  Gotta get a better look though...

You look so cool Girl!
She was wearing the coolest black rubbery skinny pants.  Really made this 40's look contemporary.

Earrings: Cute Doggies from the Dollar Store
You rock girly with the same name as Beyonce's little sister but with more style:)
Go get you some!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Saved at the gym by Prodigy

Because things are going along swimmingly with me and "Funny Guy",  I felt it an opportune time for me to go back to the gym and pump it up.  I mean, if he becomes worthy, I want to be in shape of course.  Its all about confidence you know.  And being in shape means that for once in my life I can actually leave the lights on.  Great fit body = lights on. Thats right.

So I'm back at the gym on a regular basis becoming "Lady of Rage".  Sometimes you need to get MAD while working out and I like to get rageful often while on the Precor Elliptcal Cross Trainer.  I spend from 20 minutes to 1/2 hour on it, and by the last 10 minutes I'm feeling extremely rageful, and a little bit of rage goes a long long way to an effective workout.

I'm always kicking up the tunes.  Usually I do a little bit of Usher a little bit of Beyonce (when I liked her) and Ciara, but for the last ten minutes I get really down and dirty with Prodigy "Fire Starter".  Usually by that time I'm sucking back the wind and thinking "I'm so over it" so I need a bit of help.  You might think its a strange choice for a funky black chick, but let me tell you, when I pump that out on my ipod, I'm slamming down hard on that Precor.  My face starts to get really serious and I pretend I'm an action star who's just about to barge in on some bad guys and kick them all in the freaking face for selling smack to kids.  Thats right, I'm on my Precor, but I'm really kicking down that door and doing some funky martial arts on some drug pushers buttocks. Then I get off the Precor and I'm INSANE!  I move over to the freaking floor and I'm doing leg lifts like a MANIAC!! GET OUT OF MY WAY!!  Then I go for the sit ups and I'masweatin!  When I'm done, I play a bit of light gospel and I bounce to the change room.

This video is pretty crazy!  Ha! But all I can say is, "Thank you Prodigy for making me one step closer to leaving the lights on!"

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Photo Op

Hey Ya'll, forgot to show you this!
Its me with straight hair.  I got this wig as a gift from my friend Sarah many years ago.  Looks good no?  Its so strange seeing myself with straight hair.  This was a fitting for a commercial I booked a couple of weeks ago for Tostitos.  I was playing a mom hanging with her other mom friends at my home (well, I decided the mansion we were shooting in was mine).  Apparently us moms got a bit wild from the fun of eating Tostitos and one of my friends ended up dancing on the table!  Ahhh, the TV world!  Haha!  This outfit didn't make it as the final choice, but it was my favorite for the character I was playing.

NOTE:  The makeup artist/hairdresser was amazing!  My wig had seen better days and to me looked very wiggy, but she did wonders with it.  Seriously, she's a wig genius!  I hope to do a post showing you tips for making a tired wig look localicous.  (did I really say that? )

Go get you some!

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Beyonce & Lady Gaga - Video Phone

Beyonce & Lady Gaga (eventually)

All I can say is "WHAT THE HELL IS THIS??" Oh Beyonce.  I think you may have officially lost your mind.  I mean, you know I love you, but really...WHAT THE HELL IS THIS???

Jax, showed me this video yesterday and we were both howling our heads off.  Laughing in disbelief in a public place.  Now, I'm all for sexy, you might even say dirty, but this is just in poor taste for so many reasons.  Hair and makeup was fierce, but it all went down the toilet.  It started off ok.  The beginning?  Hot! Slow mo, but lets face it, its been done girly.  And by YOU! Remember "Crazy in Love"?  Yeah, done.  And what's up with the bathing suit?  Your in some kind of industrial area.  I don't see any pool around there.  And what's with those dudes?  What, are they body guards? Secret Service?  Boyfriends? What?  Maybe their pool boys, but then how come their wearing suits? Then we see her in some cool business suit sans the pants.  She opted for full length boots instead.  I'm sure this wouldn't work in the boardroom, but who knows. Its kinda cool, but what are those things dancing with you?  Camera head guys.  ??????????  Ok, artistic maybe but its just not "you" Bee!

Now lets talk a bit about the most idiotic part of the video. What's with the GUNS? GUNS!  Pointing the GUNS at some poor guy with a sack on his head.  Its just disturbing.  Its like some poor, dare I say, hostage for Petes sake.  Thats obviously what she was going for, and she's gyrating and ...oh dear God, such freaking Bad TASTE Beyonce.  Doesn't anyone love you?  Won't anyone tell you that this is inappropriate?  Come on?  And your on your knees humping a plastic rifle?  Geez!  What were you thinking?  I mean really.  Maybe you weren't thinking. Maybe you and J-Z are into some kinky stuff!  Regular sex is going to your head missy.  Then the dude is all tied up and you got your leg on him.  The ropes are pretty and the head sack is vibrant blue. Is being a hostage supposed to be fashionable?
I shake my head.  Shake my head.

The best part of this whole video is Lady Gaga.  And I'm not even a fan!  But shes great in this.  Flicking her weave like Beyonce.  And her voice!  She sounds great!  Powerful, rich.  Fantastic.  She matches Bee with the dancing, even if she does look odd next too her.  Shorter, thinner.  She certainly doesn't fill out that bodysuit, but whateva.  She's rocking it.  She saved this video for me.  But Bee, your gonna have to work hard to get my respect back.  All of it is lost girl. Lost.  And your supposed to be all Christian and all God Fearing.  Well girl you need to pray for enlightenment here, cause you so lost it.

I shake my head. (sigh)

(that last shot on the motorcycle with the rifle???  What the Hell is that??? Hahahahaha!  Oh Bee!)

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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Date Number 2 with Funny Guy

"I have been checking these out.  You are so you to bits.  Hey are you seeing that guy

 Many of you have asked for an update regarding "Funny Guy". I've been so preoccupied with my fashion week that I haven't been able to tell you about whats been going down.  Not to worry though, as if I'd leave you out of the loop!                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
So, last weekend we went out on a second date.  We decided on a movie and picked "2012".  All I can say is thank God I did that "What to Wear on a Date" post, cause I had a very busy day and didn't have time to mess around having a fashion crisis with what to wear.  A fashion crisis is a major downer.  I've totally lost enthusiasm before going out because of one.  I'm sure I'm not alone here.  One of the secrets only women know.  "My clothes are crap!  I'm not going!" Come on, its happened to you!! Usually only a threat, we usually find something but happily most of those choices looked good, so I only had to pick one and I was casually fierce.

When we got to the theatre for the 7:30 show, all three cinemas were sold out so we made a decision to get a 10:30 show and go for dinner.  A risky move, since this means we are going to have to talk face to face for 2 hours, and this was already accomplished during our first date.  Would I get bored with him?  Will I still be amusing?  I mean, I already know his stats, all the basic sniffing was out of the way, now its an impromptu "will we have fun just hanging out" test. I so didn't need to be concerned.  We had a blast.  Mr. Funny, got funnier as the evening went on.  We were chuckling away beautifully, and I had several major guffaws!  We lolled about the restaurant and I got a nice little surprise.  When he took off his jacket he was wearing a light tea-shirt and I found two huge guns staring at me.  Don't freak out, I don't mean artillery, I mean HUGE muscular arms.  This guy is ripped, I hadn't really noticed before.  I'm not strictly into body builders, but it was really cool to see that he took care of himself.  

The movie was GREAT!  I was so angst ridden through the whole thing that I squished really close to him. I gotta say that movie really changed my life.  It had been coming since I watched that "Nostradamus Prophecy" TV show, but this definitely sent me over the edge.  We had a lively discussion about religion, spirituality and the end of the world afterwards and found that our ideas about the whole matter didn't clash.  I began thinking about my life and wondered I were to fall into a volcano tomorrow, would I be proud with it?  Would I have accomplished what I wanted to?  Would I have had all of sex and food I've hoped for?  Mr. Funny started to look a teeny bit different to me after that movie.  If I only have 2 years left cause were all gonna die, would I wanna spend any more time with Mr. Funny?  Is he turning my crank?  And most importantly does he know anything about flying a plane?  (your gonna have to see the movie for that reference).  I do remember him saying during our first date that it was on his life to do list, so I found that really promising.

He drove me home and the issue about the kiss began to loom.  Did I wanna kiss him?  I'm not wasting a kiss if there's only two years left.  I'm not wasting anything!
" I had a really nice time" I unfastened my strap and bent to find my purse.
" Me too." he answered slowly.  Probably figuring out how this kiss was going to go.
" So what are you doing tomorrow?" I was stalling trying to figure out if I should make a run for it or if I wanted to kiss him.
" yada...yada...blah... blah.." (he didn't actually say this, I just can't remember what he answered because I didn't really care about the question, I was just stalling)
"Oh yeah, well, that sounds good..."  I turn to unlock the car door.
"Don't I get a kiss?" he asked.
" Um...."  then I lean in and slowly plant one on him.  
Feels nice.  But didn't want to rip his clothes off.  Kissing some more, started to feel even nicer.  I broke off the kiss and turned to leave.  
"Can I have one more?"
"Nope, gotta give you something to think about" I smiled and got out of the car.
The end - of that night.  
We went out again on Thursday.  I'll tell you more about what happened another time.
Gotta give you something to think about ;)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Most Stylish People I Know in Vancouver - Wayne Bernard & Michelle Peltier

Style isn't only about the clothes you wear.  Truly.  I even looked it up.  Check this out:
In honor of this definition, I present to you, one of the most Stylish couple I know.  I even gave them a name: "Waynelle"  Uh huh, thats Wayne and Michelle.
Brad and Angelina have nothing on them.  This is a real, sweet, sexy, and stylish couple.  Elegant, distinctive and a lot of wooing going on.  More like Woot actually. These two are hilarious! Newly engaged, they have a whole life of Wanyelle to look forward to.  Gorgeous too look at and fun to be around.  Look how nicely they clean up and dress (nearly completely undress) down.  

Simply Beautiful!

Waynelle looking cute as can be!

This is the (almost completely) dressed down part!
Sexy without the vulgar.  Style!
The Waynelle Interview:

Suzanne: What does fashion mean to you?
Michelle: I don’t necessarily follow “fashion” but I’m interested in watching what the world gives me and interpreting what this means to MY everyday life. I won’t buy something simply because it’s “fashionable”, I buy something be cause it intrigues me – expresses something I want to say – makes me take a second glance, makes me feel comfortable.

Unusually non talkative Wayne: Fashion means if I look good then I am in Fashion, ultimately I think I know what looks good on me (most of the time before my fiance tells me no)
Suzanne: When did your own personal style begin to take shape?
Michelle: I think probably in high school – I was in a very strict Catholic high school and I had to wear school uniforms (navy skirts/pants and white/blue shirts). When you’re wearing uniforms you learn to express yourself in other ways…jewellery, hair, make up – I spent a lot of mornings perfecting my hair. I can’t say I’d EVER wear my hair in the same styles but isn’t that what everyone says about their high school fashion? Also, unfortunately at the time I had little money and though I used second-hand boy’s uniforms (all buttons were backwards and somehow all the popular girls notice this), could only rely on hand-me-downs from old (male) students so much. I remember my dad giving me $15 dollars for new school pants and when I told him uniform pants were $40 he said, “Make it stretch”, so I went to the mall and found navy blue pants very similar to our uniforms in Le Chateau for $15. There was only one teacher that ever seemed to notice (or the only one not to take pity) that would tag me for detention every day if I walked past her class – she was on the second floor one class before my scheduled math class – I learned to walk one floor higher, walk to the end of the hall, go back down one flight and steal into the class quickly. I know it all could have been solved if I’d only bought school pants, but when you’re given $15, you’re given $15.
Unusually non talkative WayneProbably when I moved to Vancouver Everybody has their own unique taste and fashion.
Suzanne: Can you remember your first outfit or piece that you adored wearing?
Michelle: I was 13 – my first pair of heels – they were only 1 inch, but they were HEELS! My mom bought them for me for my Aunts wedding. She asked as we were buying them if I’d even be able to walk in them and I promised, it was so easy right? I practiced for HOURS in front of the mirror before debuting them at the wedding. And I rocked them – danced the night away! Or at least the ceremony and 1 hour of the wedding…then it was bare-feet with the rest of the tweens.
Unusually non talkative Wayne: I loved the first suit I bought it was Calvin Klein and it was the most expensive article of clothing I have ever bought. I felt great in it.
Suzanne: Do you have any favorite designers?
Michelle: I try not to follow designers – I find by the time I can afford the designers that everyone follows, their fad has already been eliminated and the next designer is taking the scene. It’s all about names and money. And money is not what the mainstream people have to spend on monetary labels.
Unusually non talkative Wayne: Hugo Boss
Suzanne: Where are some of your favorite places to shop?
Michelle: I love to explore Granville Street and Main Street – you never know what you might find. I recently moved into the neighbourhood and feel like I’ve found GOLD. I find it’s more interesting going out and having an open-mind then to shop for a specific piece. It can get very frustrating if you’re looking for a specific look.
Unusually non talkative WayneHarry Rosen and G-Spot on Broadway. 

Suzanne: What person has influenced your personal style?
Michelle: My Mom always said that I have her “legs” so instead of accentuating the usual T&A, I try to focus on more “out-of-the-norm” areas. Legs, shoulders, back – anyone can hike their boobs up, or stick their butt out – but when you feel comfortable with a part of you, I think you should show it – because people, especially men notice your confidence, and are very attracted to it.
Unusually non talkative WayneI really like european style and the all american t-shirt and a good pair of jeans (Tavernetti)
Suzanne: What celebrity has a style sense that you admire?
Michelle: I love Jennifer Aniston’s natural style, white shirts and jeans, black shirts and jeans. Always looks amazing, relaxed, clean, isn’t trying too hard. I love the way Rhianna plays with fashion, though I’d never wear half the things she would – it’s important to take pieces from people you admire and not try to just follow them – she’s Hollywood, I’m Vancity – very different lives! But she likes to experiment and she always has her head up and shoulders back. Confidence!
Unusually non talkative WayneGeorge Clooney- Classic.
Suzanne: When putting together an outfit for an important event or for your day to day, what matters to you most?
Michelle: Comfort! You cannot pull of any look unless you are comfortable. If you’re hiking up your strapless tank to show off your boobs, it’s noticed. If you’re hiking down your short skirt, it’s noticed. If you hunch your shoulders in any outfit, it’s noticed. But anyone, anywhere, can pull off any outfit (even if you yourself wouldn’t wear it yourself) if they show confidence. Because who is allowed to say what one should wear?
Unusually non talkative WayneThat I look my best.
Suzanne: In your wardrobe, what part do accessories play?
Michelle: Accessories are an inexpensive way to alter an everyday outfit. A necklace, bracelet, ring or earrings can change ANY outfit.
Unusually non talkative Wayne Have a couple of watches and once in a while I wear a long silver neclace that was my grandfathers. 
Suzanne: How important is fashion in regards to your career?
Michelle: Fashion is the LEAST important factor in my specific career. Working with twelve 2-year-olds everyday involves me only considering comfort and durability. Although I’d like to wear my everyday clothes to work, I very specifically have my “every-day clothes” and my “work-clothes”. I tried mixing them once, ended up with spilt black paint on my new white shirt…a very expensive combination. But when shopping for “work clothes” you never know what you’ll find – a skinny jean I would never usually purchase has become my signature piece for the last 4 months!?
Unusually non talkative WayneI like to wear suits and now that I am starting in Real Estate it matters how I present myself. 

Photo Op - Waynelle on the Beach
Fabulous! Man, they are gonna have beautiful kids!
Go get you some Waynelle!

"Hmm, where was that fabulous post? I wanna read it again.."