Sunday, November 8, 2009

Fabulous Gays!!! Its 2009!

So last night "V for Vendetta" starring Natalie Portman was on TV.  It was almost half way in when I happened upon it. It captured my attention because Natalie has been on my personal radar a lot lately ever since I watched her on "Top Chef".  Great style and quite a brain to match, not to mention painfully talented. "V for Vendetta" is supposed to be set in the year 2020 and I was surprised and a tad irritated to see that the author is still writing about the whole gay oppression thing.  I'm thinking, "For Pete's sake people, this is set in the future, 2020!  Come on, will this even be relevent by then?" Well, I suppose it might.  There are a lot of scared people out there that has a hate on everyone out of ignorance.  I don't want to go on the whole who cares who's sleeping with who sex thing, but making it a important focal point in a movie set in 2020 seemed ludicris to me.  And this is not a commentary on society but what's the deal? Nothing better to do?  Listen, gay men and women have been a great influence on all our lives.  Where would we be without our childhood friends who entertained us and taught us the difficult lessons in life.  Lets look at some of the best of the best fabulous gays that we couldn't live without. (in no particular order).

Bugs Bunny
Don't act like you didn't know.  That Waskily Wabbit!  You can't dismiss this one.  Obviously gay and looking fabulous in drag!  The best drag queen of them all and who really did teach us a lot about the power of red lipstick.  We all know that he and Elmer Fudd were an item too. Elmer was always hunting for Bugs. Trying to be butch in that hunters outfit obviously going for the rugged "Broke Backish" look.  Here's a lovely image with them together.

Bugs and Elmer -What a match!

Fashionista.  How do you do it Bugs! Loving the Green!

The Great Gazzu
"The Flintstones"
Gay - Obviously
The Gay Intellectual.  Brilliant.  Dude knew anything about everything and with that bourgeois accent, he must have been a huge mentor for hip baby gays everywhere.  I loved Gazzu.  Witty comebacks, brainy, funny.  Fred & Barney were mere playthings for him. "Dum Dums" as he would call them.  Today I'd set him up with Tim Gunn from Project Runway.  Yeah, good match. And while we are at it, lets indeed talk about those "Dum Dums".

Fred and Barney
Not exactly sure about this pair, but my Gaydar is tingling.  I mean, they were in that garage a lot.  Hanging out with each other more than with their wives.  If not Fred, then Barney for sure! Always entertaining and full of high jinx teaching us how to get out of a pickle!
Lets move on to another fabulous and famous gay couple.

Bert and Ernie
We all know these two.  They taught us how to get along with our mate, buy taking the time to talk about our problems and living together. Opposites definitely attract, but how do you maneuver though your relationship and keep it strong amid such differences? They showed you how.  Lovely couple.  Thanks guys. (need a makeover though, those clothes are not happening!)

Elf Hermey from "Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer" 
Poor oppressed Hermey.  Just knew he was different and had the courage to come out and become a dentist.  A dentist, going against the "norm" and being true to himself.  So he didn't want to make toys!  What of it?  You go on with your bad self Hermey.  It was the '50's even tougher back then and he was brave enough be who he knew he was, teaching us to embrace our differences!  Love the hair Hermey!
But lets not forget the women!

Wonder Woman
(serious fabulousness)
Taught us women how to kick butt! Growing up in a tribe of women in the Amazon, she knew how to wear a great bodysuit and red boots.  She obviously was into something a tad kinky with that golden lasso but to each their own!  Why did she never come out?  She could have done a lot for gay ladies everywhere!  No matter, we all know the truth! She even has an invisible plane!  You rock Wonder Woman!
And last, but definitely not least -

Peppermint Patty
Not too smart, but really earthy.  I wouldn't set her up with Wonder Woman, but she showed us we could be sporty and hold your own with the boys.  Great baseball player, and had great respect for names.  Called Charlie "Chuck" and Lucy "Lucille".  Obviously had a thing for Lucy.  Poor thing, loving from afar.  No matter, sure she found someone on one of her teams!  Gave pretty good advice too and always friendly.

So you see, those stupid Gay haters better get real and look around.  Gays are here and always have been.  Like the fabulous Ru Paul (who I want to make a bowl of pasta for) would say. You haters can just "SASHAY AWAY"!

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