Monday, November 16, 2009

The Most Stylish People I Know in Vancouver - Jaclyn A. Smith

Woman of Style: Jaclyn A. Smith!

She's so Cool!
And a perfect time to give her some love because today is her birthday!  Happy Birthday Jax baby!
I met Jaclyn A. Smith last year.  She was taking one of my acting classes and we became fast friends.  Besides being beautiful, she is an incredibly talented person with a huge heart to add to the mix. Must you be so freaking perfect?!  A serious triple threat, she sings beautifully (check out her myspace page here), she's a rocking dancer having trained at the "American Ballet Theatre" and "Kirov Acadamy of Ballet", and has performed in TV, Film and Theatre.  Most notably the "American Pie Series".  She is an advocate for Mother Earth and has made a well known video to raise awareness about our energy consumption called "Flicking the Lights Off".  All this and girlfriend continuously looks fabulous!  I love her style.  She can go from glamourous and slinky for the red carpet to taking mens pieces and reworking the shape to make it her own and girlfriend isn't afraid of colour!

I asked her a series of questions about her style and approach to fashion.

Suzanne: What does fashion mean to you?
Jax: Fashion = Art, emotion expressed.
Suzanne: When did your own personal style begin to take shape?
Jax: It's still shaping. It keeps evolving as I evolve. What I like is constantly shifting. However, there is a steady classical influence to how I dress that's been there since I was a teenager. No matter what the trend I am always true to the basics: A well fitted blazer, a nice dress coat, a beautiful heel and of course that little black dress. I dress to how I feel and as I've become a more courageous woman in my twenties, my style has followed suit.

Looking Fabulous!
Suzanne: Can you remember your first outfit or piece that you adored wearing?
Jax: Yes. A green velvet evening dress that I wore to the theater as child. My mother made it. I felt like a princess.
Suzanne: Do you have any favorite designers?

Dress by: Alicia Grunert
Jax: Alicia Grunert, Gucci, Chanel and Givenchy for clothing and Bestey Johnson for shoes!
Suzanne: Where are some of your favorite places to shop?
Jax: For basics I always trust, Banana Republic and Club Monaco. I also check Guess and Bebe because their clothing suits women with curves. BUT those are the places I hit for the basics...I LOVE strolling through Gas Town and going to independent shops for funky hats or cute little gloves...a beautiful scarf or necklace piece. I also LOVE Fashion Crimes on Queen street in Toronto where you can find every possible ball gown you imagined as a little girl!
Suzanne: What person has influenced your personal style?
Jax: My mother and grandmother. These 2 woman look amazing every day. My grandmother makes me look forward to growing older because she is so beautiful and elegant and my mother, well lets just say that there have been many a time in my life when I've seen my mother walk out of her office or down her home staircase and she's taken my breath away. One night in particular, my mother had an event where she was wearing a deep midnight blue off the shoulders evening gown and I watched her come down the staircase and thought she just had to be a queen.
Suzanne: What celebrity has a style sense that you admire?
Jax: Audrey Hepburn, always and forever.
Suzanne: When putting together an outfit for an important event or for your day to day, what matters to you most?
Jax: That it fits/expresses the mood I am in and that I am comfortable.
Suzanne: In your wardrobe, what part do accessories play?
Jax: Accessories really are the icing on the cake! But I use them sparingly. I like to only have 1 or 2 accessories and I generally like them to be a focal point of the outfit or else I don't wear any at all. I am not huge on jewelry but I do adore a good hat and the right purse and shoe is crucial!
Suzanne: How important is fashion in regards to your career?

Dress by: Alicia Grunert
Jax: I think it's extremely important to be well dressed when attending events and networking. Fashion is another art form I love and another branch of my career that I want to explore even further in the future.

Thanks Jax!
She is probably one of the most hardest working women I know.  Seriously, she has a zillion other projects I didn't even have time to mention here.  For more information about this fabulous, stylish woman you can check out her website She'll knock your socks off!
Go get you some Jax!

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