Friday, May 28, 2010

VIDEO: Shout out to Aaliyah! We miss you!!!

Man I miss Aaliyah! I was dancing around to Grooveshark (thanks for saving my musical life by the way Frannie!) and this song from the day came up.  "We Need A Resolution" Featuring Timberland.  I so loved this album.  I can't help but wonder what she would be creating by now and where her movie career would be.  She really hit it out of the park.  Sweet, sexy without trying to hard, funky cool dancer (who was the first, by the way,  to bring bellydancing to hiphop),  and just plain class.  This video was risky, very different musical flavour, fresh, and sizzling HAWT!  I wish I had me some snakes and a spiky tree in my living room!  Funny, this video was made in freaking 2001!  9 years ago and still hot and contemporary today!  A foward thinker.  Rocking hair, makeup, and styling.  Aww, I miss you girl!!


We Need a Resolution: Aaliyah

Think I'll do a Tutorial on this Look.  Freaking Fabulous!!

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Thursday, May 27, 2010


The day I went shopping for my blue dress, I came upon this cool lady!  Meet Renee who is a hair artist with a chair at "Soul to Soul Hair Design" in Vangoovy!  Loved her cut and her casual confident style!

Renee.  Yeaha!

Cool Cut Renee!

The Lowdown!
Top: Zara
Necklace: Aldo
Ring: Aldo
Cut: Soul to Soul Hair Design

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Me and Maxwell Modeling in this Months InStyle Magazine!!!!!!!

You read it right!!!  Yes, I finally got my wish!!! Me and Maxwell together in InStyle!
Ok, well were not physically together, he is on page 366, but I AM ON PAGE 46!!! Which means of course that he has a copy of me in his apt, you know, cause he bought at least 10 copies of the he knows I exist and is probably searching for me right at this I digress... I'M FREAKING WELL FEATURED IN THIS MONTHS JUNE INSTYLE MAGAZINE!!! The one with Selma Hayek on the cover!!!!  Yahooooooo!!!!

Yep, its your girl!  Me!

Wait heres a closer look!

Hahaha! :)
(click on pic to get an even closer look:)

How did that happen you ask??  Well, I love InStyle Magazine and read it all the time. They featured a fabulous "Look For Less" that really appealed to me.  

You know I've been all about more color?!  This was their color issue that I told you about a couple months back that I got some great ideas from.  I had this great dress that I bought at H&M that was very summery and a bit saggy on the fit.  Although I adored the colors I wasn't sure it fit my body type.  But with the addition of the jacket it really worked!  So I gave it my spin and thanked InStyle for the inspiration!  I sent in my pic and didn't even know they were going to use it!!! And they did!  Ha!  I'm a top model ya'll:)  Tyra eat your heart out!!! 

Special shout out to Ann who gave me the heads up early.  She got the issue weeks before it came out here in Canada!  Love you Annabelle! Thanks InStyle, you made my month!!!

Maxwell, if your reading this, My name is Suzanne and I am an actor living  in Vancouver.  Please come and get me.

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

ON SET: Commercial for Jello Pudding

I did a commercial last week for Jello! I played a mum with the cutest 6 year old kid ever. She was a real trouper staying up so late. It was hard enough for me, can you imagine for her!!

I wore my - what I now refer to as "Michelle Obama" wig.   While putting it on I got it swiped away from me by the makeup/hairstyist Trudi Eggerton-Ball who showed me a zillion times better way of wearing it. I gotta tell you, this woman was a wig magicaian!!! Seriously! She did wonders with it. First she pinned my locs up elaborately so that most of my hair mass was on the top, giving me height on the crown. Why didn't I think of that???!!!!! Fanfreakingtastic!!! I love this woman!!!

Look at the back!


Side view! Genius!

Lord knows I'd never be able to do it myself :(
Here is a very noisy video I took with my point and shoot camera. Hope you can hear the conversation and questions I asked her to share with you.  It was crazy in that makeup trailer!

I of course gave her much pressure to do a wig tutorial for you all a little later! Watch for it. She's amazing and has a ton of tips for wearing a wig and making it look natural!

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

What I Wore To A Freaking Beautiful Wedding!

Hey ya'll! Remember that most fashionable couple I posted about way back when I did "The Most Stylish People I Know In Vancouver", Wayne and Michelle? Well they got married on the weekend and I was the Mistress of Ceremonies! Always a Mistress never a Bride. Ah me! Well I decided to sexy it up and had one of my favorite fashion moments of my life. Color!!!

Can you believe I got this at the Bay!
(on sale even)

Curled my hair, worked out well...

Ah Spanx, how I love thee!!! :)

Just had to log this moment. Lord knows if it will ever come again. Hahaha!

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Crystal Cote Sings about LOVE

Crystal Cote is an amazing singer, songwriter and all around amazing person!  Check out her new project below and support her important work in love.

Crystal has extended her download donations to Rethink until May 31st!
iTunes link can be found here.

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

New Make Up Tutorial - Punk Look

Working on a punk look for my MakeUp page and YouTube channel.  Hmm, seemed to be more colorful in person....

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Saturday, May 15, 2010

VIDEO: I think I'm a Dude...

Is it weird that this turns me on?

Robert Downey Suiting Up in "Iron Man"

It really does.
I am first in line to see the next "Iron Man 2!"  I'm sure I'm a dude!
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Friday, May 14, 2010

ACTING - I'm Not A Doctor But I Play one On TV - Part Two

Hey guys!  Remember that post I did on the commercial I worked on for "The Reel Challenge"?  Well its done!  And as promised, here is the final product!  I've always wanted to have a double ;) Can you imagine two of me?  Haha!  This was so much fun to shoot!  If you missed the original post, you can see it here.

The concept this PSA explores as it raises awareness of what really happens when someone illegally downloads someone else's creative work.
Director/Writer/Producer, DYLAN JENKINSON
Producer, JASON R. GOODE
Holy special effects Bat Man!

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

FASHION: "Americas Next Top Model" winner Krista White

Watched the finale of "Americas Next Top Model" last night.  Actually, watched the entire cycle and almost cried when my favorite ghetto girl Angelea got kicked off!  I so wanted that chick to win!  She was so determined but her confidence took a tumble when she started coming in second in her challenges.  I loved that girl!  

Here is an interesting perspective from twirlit.
What do you think of Krista's win?
Personally, every time I saw girlfriends collarbone sticking out during her interviews, I cringed....

America’s Next Top Model Winner 2010 – Did Krista Deserve to Win?

By Angela Ayles on May 13th, 2010

The 14th cycle of Tyra Banks’ hit show America’s Next Top Model (ANTM) came to an end last night when super-skinny contestant Krista White took home the coveted title.
Krista - who had tried out a few times before but never won - was up against some pretty tough competitors last night, including 23-year-old New Yorker Angelea, 22-year-old Raina from Minnesota and 21-year-old Texan Alexandra.
                   Krista America's Next Top Model     Angelea America's Next Top Model
While many fans of the show were thrilled to see the high-fashion model win gold, others were outraged that Tyra and the judges would choose someone so unhealthily skinny to act as a role model to other aspiring models. Isn’t that the exact message Tyra claims she doesn’t want to send to young women?
There wouldn’t be as much controversy surrounding the judge’s decision to cast Krista as winner, except that Tyra often preaches about how she hates that the modeling industry is full of stick-thin women who feel the need to starve themselves to look a certain way. Just because they chose a plus-size girl (Whitney – who happens to be the most successful of the previous ANTM winners) one time doesn’t mean they’re not still sending the wrong message. One plus-sized winner out of 14 cycles hardly seems balanced to us.  
Congratulations, Tyra, you proved once again that only the super-small models have what it takes to take home your prestigious title.
Personally, we would have picked Angelea to win – even though she couldn’t even secure the runner up position (Raina did).
Take a look at the two photos above and let us know if you think Krista is too skinny to be ANTM!

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Ok, I know I've been MIA, but I had one second and HAD to post this.  Some might be offended, but I laughed so hard at this I almost wet my pants!  Hahahahaha!  Oh my GOD!  I cried my eyes out I laughed so hard!  Hahahahahahahahahhahaaa!

Aparently this guy was recorded having an acid trip in a closet.  Somebody
put animation over the voice and this HAHAHA was the HAHAHA

Drugs are bad!

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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Charlie Bewley Interview - Part 2

Charlie Bewley Plays "Demitri" in the upcoming "Eclipse" 

The second in series of Charlie Bewley interviews! Finally got this up! This one focuses more on Charlie's fabulous style!  Enjoy!!!!

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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Fashion in The City: Fashion Stalk (kinda)

This isn't an official stalk in that I attacked a Stylista on the street, this is more a blog love.  From "Paris Most Wanted", check out this Parisian wearable style!!!

Love it!  I'd so wear this to run around in!
Digging the hair too!

Love it!  So Mini Mouse!

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"Hmm, where was that fabulous post? I wanna read it again.."