Sunday, November 22, 2009

Photo Op

Hey Ya'll, forgot to show you this!
Its me with straight hair.  I got this wig as a gift from my friend Sarah many years ago.  Looks good no?  Its so strange seeing myself with straight hair.  This was a fitting for a commercial I booked a couple of weeks ago for Tostitos.  I was playing a mom hanging with her other mom friends at my home (well, I decided the mansion we were shooting in was mine).  Apparently us moms got a bit wild from the fun of eating Tostitos and one of my friends ended up dancing on the table!  Ahhh, the TV world!  Haha!  This outfit didn't make it as the final choice, but it was my favorite for the character I was playing.

NOTE:  The makeup artist/hairdresser was amazing!  My wig had seen better days and to me looked very wiggy, but she did wonders with it.  Seriously, she's a wig genius!  I hope to do a post showing you tips for making a tired wig look localicous.  (did I really say that? )

Go get you some!

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  1. Oh thanks honey!!! It was a good angle I think :)

  2. oh i like.

    umm...are things getting serious with funny guy? we need do grab dinner this week. call me dammit!


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