Sunday, November 1, 2009

Saturday In The City

How in the world can I be so wretched one day and so ecstatic another?  Could I be bipolar or is it the crazy Vancouver weather?  I do believe its the later.  I think I'm a victim of S.A.D.
Well on to the deliriously happy, Saturday was a freaking stunner of a day.  Oh sun, I adore you!  Where have you been for two weeks.  Please don't leave me again, I cannot go on without you.
I took my camera with me and went for a walk all over the city.  6 hours later, I remember why Vancouver is one of the most beautiful cities in Canada.  Here, come with me, let me show you:

Right outside my Door

Walk over Cambie Bridge

Yaletown Boutique

Is that Batman?

Didn't even know this store was here.  Sexy!  Qortezan: Live Royally

Yaletown Restaurant

So pretty...

Yaletown Fashion Witch

Vancouver Public Library

LuLu!! What a Suprise!
My dear friend LuLu - thats Emma if your nasty!

One of my Favorite Places in the World!  Art Gallery Cafe!

Hoola Angel

Pretty Peppers!  Urban Fare with LuLu

Noodles at "The Red Door"

East Broadway Lights

The Best Halloween Costume Ever!
Can you see? :)

And then a walk back home.  Long walk, but those delicious noodles gave me the energy!
What a wonderful Saturday in The City!

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