Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pretty Things

I ADORE Tracy Reese.  Sister has it going on.  I bought a skirt of hers many moons ago from "Plenty".  What ever happened to that skirt?  Gotta find it and show it to you.  In the meantime, this is the stuff my dreams are made of.  Casual, flirty, comfy and feminine.

Don't you just dig the rolled down Flapper tights?
Would love to do it, but fear the fat on my thighs will roll over the top lol!
I'm feeling a "Steal this Look" coming...

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Gimped Out

My desktop PC died.
So I just downloaded Gimp to my Mac.  Being inspired by crazy Tyra, I decided to try out my Gimp Manupulation Program.  Fun Fun Fun!

Hehe! Eat your heart out Tyra! Overkill?  I think not! 
Just a start, in a year I'll take over world Muhahahahahaaaa!!!
Got the lovely gold sparkly idea from glorious Franchesca!

Franchesca Ramsey

Franny why are you so talented?

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance?

I love this show!!  One of my favorites on the telly, that and just about everything on the cooking network of course:)  I have several favorite numbers.  Performances that made me cry or shocked me or took my breath away, but this show ALWAYS EXCITES ME!

I look forward to seeing a tad of Krumping choreographed into a hip hop number every season and was choked when poor Russell, the first Krumper on the show had to dance for his life.  Made me so freaking mad, especially under the circumstances.  His partner had to sit out their very first performance because of an injury and he had to dance with his choreographer (she was so hot by the way), but Russell RIPPED IT OUT!!  At the end I was glad he was in the bottom just so I could watch him GET BUCKED!

One of the choreographers who always make me sit up straight is Soyna Tayeh!  She is CRAZY!!  I LOVE that woman!  Always interesting, always unique!  Fresh!  Her stuff is always so risky and demented, she rocks!  Now, I know that I usually only have one video of the week, but I couldn't help myself!  This is one of my top 10 favorite performances from the the 2008 season...  am I weird?

Courtney & Mark
Yeyeah!! You so crazy!

Sonya Tayeh
Got a few more minutes?  Let me show you my #1 from "So You Think You Can Dance Canada".  I have  a couple others but this is my go to on YouTube. I ADORE YOU NICO!  HAVE SEX WITH ME!!!
(The meanies at SYTYCDC won't let me imbed so here is the link! : NICO AND LISA - WHEN I GROW UP.  You won't be disappointed, take a minute for some serious SEXINESS!)

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Saw this funky chick on Main Street.  I thought she was rocking.  For the life of me, I can't remember her name.  Man, gotta right it down next time.  I do remember her coat was from Top Shop!

Risky Wearing the Purple Boots but for some reason I think it Works!

Great 2 Tone Hair

Thrifted the fur and Added it to the Coat

Monday, October 26, 2009


Oh Beyonce!  Say it isn't so.  Girlfriend is taking some time off after her tour to concentrate on having babies.  Her quote:

The Crazy In Love hitmaker is currently on the European leg of her I am... tour. She tells America's Marie Claire magazine, "My priorities are slowly changing. So after this tour I might take two years off. I've worked hard enough to be able to do that. We (Knowles and Jay-Z) try to synch our calendars. I started working on my tour a year ago to make sure I had time at home."

So lets take some time to remember one of my favorite performances:

Hehehe!  Really, I'm not hating.  I adore Beyonce, and I have to give it to the girl that she doesn't miss a beat brazenly flicking her weave all over the place!  I just love to see that even the biggest stars make mistakes.  And two years?  I have a feeling she will be breaking that fast sooner than later but I'll miss her if she keeps her word.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

SUNDAY MUSINGS: Message In A Bottle

Robin Wright Penn & Kevin Costner

Just finished watching a beautiful movie.... for the 3rd time.  Kevin Costner, Robin Wright Penn, Paul Newman starring in "Message in a Bottle". Ahhh, haven't seen it in years, but I remember well the first time I experienced this tear jerker.  Picture it, Vancouver, 1999.   It was a winter day. I was alone in the theatre.  I watched two people intimately fall in love.  I understood the reasons, I journeyed with the characters. I felt like I was being a voyeur watching the sneaky way Theresa sought out Garret, the interest, the awkward first dates, the fear of letting someone really see you, and then allowing yourself to fall.  After watching it, I called a girlfriend and told her she had to see this movie.  Told her all about it.  A couple of weeks later, I saw her walking in the mall dazed, red and swollen just having come out of the theatre. Girlfriend was messed up!

Beautifully directed by Luis Mandoki this movie felt so present.  No pretension whatsoever.  Even the dialog felt real.  I know it was scripted but it flowed like improv.  The pacing made the film so sensual, you really got into the characters rhythm as they communicated like the way we do in real life.  Oh man, so beautiful.  I loved the dialogue so much that when I decided to act and began taking classes, I worked on one of the scenes from the movie.  It was the scene in the beginning when Teresa and Garret have their first date.  I remember thinking, geez such an easy scene.  So easy in fact, that it was freaking difficult to do. I mean really hard. You really have to be connected to your partner and actually allow yourself to be present and trusting.  Not an easy feat.  But Robin Wright Penn and Kevin Costner (what ever happened to that dude?) made it look easy.  Same goes for the late Paul Newman, in one of my favorite roles to date.  He was so freaking great, grumpy, loving and real.  The first time I saw it, I cried really hard for about an entire day.  It was sparked by a really innocent scene.  Teresa and Garret were running around playing on the beach. A really cheesy scene, and it got me!  Today, it was 2 different scenes, and by the end I was a total mess. (sigh)  Again it took me off guard. I guess such outbursts are a bit of a thermometer for me.  I know where I am emotionally.

If you've never seen this movie, rent it.  Have kleenex close at hand. Yeah, I'm a sucker for romantic movies about love.  Makes me think of something I heard years ago.  An explorer was asked why a remote tribe he visited had so many songs about the rain.  The explorer said "I suppose its the same reason why we have so many songs about love.  The men of the dessert rarely see the rain"
When I see films like this, I think that at the end of my life, I can say, "I am so proud that I was an actor".

Saturday, October 24, 2009

HAHAHA! Um...Maybe not so funny,,,

I was made aware of this hilarious new product on one of my favorite natural hair websites "Naturally Beautiful" and just couldn't believe my eyes.  I sat laughing till my eyes teared.  Then I thought, this product should come with 12 sessions to a baby therapist cause that kid is going to be scarred for life!

Check out what the caption says:
"Hey, I'm not a Boy"

Hahaha!  Oh Lawd, they are BABIES people!  They're gonna have enough image issues to deal with when they grow up!
Does anyone else find this disturbing??

Friday, October 23, 2009


I so loved the DKNY Campain that I had to steal a second look from it.  Check it out!:


My turn, oh and I did try the glasses and I looked horrid!!! LOL!

Hat: Gift (thanks T)
Turtleneck: Smart Set (thats what I said)
Dress: Smart Set
Boots: (freaking old)
Gloves: (Jacob)
Belt: (stolen from another dress)

I NEVER would have thought of wearing a turtleneck under this dress!  Whats wrong with me?  LOL! I'm so loving this week of steals.  Who would have thought I could kinda look like I had tons of money :)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

EVENT: Pret A Pour Tea 2009 - High Tea, High Fashion

Taking a break from my own Fashion Projects, I thought I would share my afternoon tea at "Seasons in The Park", with Pret A Pour Tea with you.

I was asked to speak at this very special event benefiting Breast Cancer Research.  High Tea, Fashion and obliterating cancer?  I'm so there...actually you got me at "High Tea".  I have never enjoyed a real High Tea at an upscale fancy shmancy restaurant before.  I have however, tried to mimic one in my home during an extremely hot summer years ago.  I forced my poor dear lady friends to come over, eat scones and watercress sandwiches, wear white linen and have genteel conversation with southern accents.  How old am I and still having tea parties?  (sigh)

Tamara Taggart (Local personality, weather girl, Regis co-host, and all around hilarious gal) has hosted the event for the past three years, and it was my turn to be her Kathy Lee.  There was a fabulous fashion show which I was asked to host (last minute) to my horror. I braved it and actually did quite well.

In the midst of my "I have nothing to stinking well wear to bed, forget about High Tea" hysteria, I was glad that I began my fashion week of "Stealing Designer Campaigns".  I felt I had a leg up! I've been getting used to copying looks.
My inspiration for the tea?

Lovely... No dreads? No matter.  I'll do my own thing.

 Ta Da!
Dress: Lithe @ Anthropologie
Bolero: Who freaking knows
Hat: Loan from Anne Hart (fabulous)

This is one of my favorite dresses and I thought it would be perfect, but I was missing a hat, and this was a "Mad Hatter" theme.  Joyfully, they lent me a saucy bonnet for the afternoon.  I did contemplate running off with it..I mean what are they gonna do?  Send someone after me? Hey, I was volunteering..but I decided I wanted to go to heaven after this life and gave it back in the end.  And for being such a good girl, I was blessed with tons of swag!  Free food, celebrity, a cause and swag??? Ahh, this is the life!
I took way to many pics for here but I'm going to post my favorite, and you can click on the photostream below at your leisure!

Tamara Taggart and Me
These Three Images: Rebecca Tay, Fashion Magazine
Photo by David Wei

Second Runner up for Most Fabulous Female
Her hat was her Grandma's
What a divine afternoon. Such Wonderful Women!


Um, yeah, S&M much Rihanna?
I don't get it.


I love this ad!  There are so many looks I want to hijack, but today I've been inspired by this one:


My turn:

Barret: Le Chateau
Top: Forever 21
Skirt: Who the heck knows?
Bag: H&M
Shoes: Payless (and so not ashamed!)
Gloves: Jacob

I am sooo loving this look.  My official favorite!  Don't know if I can beat this one.  I feel so French!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Tuesday Look.
What do you think?

Christian Lacroix

My turn-

Skirt: JS Collection
Top: Forever 21 (I love you man)
Hat: Gift
Scarf: Gift
Silver Braclet: Forever Suzanne (since I was 5)

Tule underneath ya know.

I think this Costume is good for the Day.
Hmm, we shall see...

Monday, October 19, 2009

FASHION: Week of Stealing Looks

Got a temp job for today.
Looking in my closet, I utter the usual words:
"My clothes are crap!!! I stinking well have NOTHING to wear!"
So I am executing a thought I've had for days.
To steal my Vogue Magazine's fall designer advertising campaigns.  Thats right, for an entire week, I'm going to attempt the near impossible.  Copying the looks, with the limits of my closet. Can it be done???
Now, I certainly don't have the funds make some extravagant fashion purchase.  Currently doing such a thing would be "beyond my purse".  But hopefully, something amazing will happen if I look like I have a wallet as big as Beyonce's.

So, lets start off with my New York, purchase.  My brand new Trench.

Burberry Trench worn by Beautiful Emma Watson

Burberry knock off.  Eat your heart out Emma
Bag: Gift

Not sure whats going under it, but the coat is a cool start.
Whats gonna happen tomorrow?

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Just woke up.  Am bummed about it.
Why, cause I was dreaming a fabulous dream.
I'm one of those people who love to sleep.  My dreams feel real and I rarely have nightmares.  Last night (or rather this morning) I was making love with an amazing guy.  I say here making love not having sex.  I mean, I've had lots of sex dreams and was always seriously bummed at waking up because I am one of those five percent of the female population that have the ability to to I put it delicately...that have the ability to reach "the peak" while asleep.  And how its that possible by the way?  I mean, there's no one there.  I'm not moving around, a male model ain't in bed with me.  And it doesn't happen after a great date or thinking about men (or eating chocolate cake) or any thing the night before.  So how can I do that??? Anyway, last night I was making love.  Like LOVE.  Now, I have not been in love for years.  Many years.  Many, many, many...oh you get the picture, and I often think I don't remember what it feels like to be in love.  I was doing a book a couple years back called "Calling in the One" (he never heard nor came by the way) and there was an exercise where you had to close your eyes and conjure up the feeling of being in love.  I couldn't do it.  I was most upset about it.  That was probably around the time when I stopped reading it, so upset was I.  Well, this is the second time where I experienced LOVE in my sleep. Short lived as it was.  Only a few minutes.  Crazy huh?  I mean, I can understand the sex thing, lots of people experience those sex dreams and as I said 5 % "finish up" in there sleep, but I have never heard of the love thing.  In the beginning of the year, I had a dream, it lasted more than a few minutes.  Actually it felt like hours.
Check this out:  I'm in a tropical country. I'm living in a bamboo type constructed house.  Very beautiful, lush, green.  I'm cooking and feeling slow, warm, joyful peace. I am thankful and confident with my world and my life.  My home is open, full of art and nature.  I hear men walking and talking outside and my husband coming in.  I look down (I'm seeing all this out my own eyes by the way, not from outside like watching a movie) and I am wearing a brown linen dress with designs on it and some type of beautiful beading. And my body is rocking.  Flat stomach, lean and healthy.  My husband is looking right at me, intensely, with such love emanating from him.  He is carrying some kind of tool, he had been working in the field.  He's some kind of supervisor, owner, manager.  He was a bit dirty and sweaty but I was overjoyed, as always, to see him.  We are so in love.  He b-lines it right over to me and goes to his knees.  He pulls me too him and wraps his arms around my waist and rests his head on my stomach and just holds me.  Love circles us and I just drink in that love energy.  This is something he does all the time.  Holds me like this.  I stand there in comfortable calm ecstasy.
Then I woke up.  And instead of crying, was beaming, glowing.  Like I was truly in love.
Crazy huh?  All day long I felt that guy.  Felt loved.  Knew, this guy loved me.  Knew I loved him.  And it was a dream.  And I still remember what he looked like.  Nothing like I would ever dream I'd end up with.  He was short, hard looking, big long nose, dark hair, looked Italian, Iranian, something like that.  Not a model, not FINE,  Not very attractive at all.  We loved each other fiercely.  And where was that place?  I knew it well.  It was my home.  
How can it happen?  How can I feel such profound love that isn't there?  Am I to believe that love from outside comes from me?  I mean, I know self love is essential to a good life, but I'm telling you, I felt LOVE, real love coming FROM this guy.  A real force.
Man, I wish I could go back there.
Or he could come here.
Strange huh?

Friday, October 16, 2009


A friend of mine showed me this and when I read it I laughed my head off. Going through my emails today, I came across it and laughed some more.
Its raining again today.
This will cheer you up!

Why parents should always check their children's homework before they hand it in:

A first grade girl handed in the drawing below for a homework assignment.
After it was graded and the child brought it home, she returned to school the next day with the following note:

Dear Ms. Davis,

I want to be very clear on my child's illustration. It is NOT of me on a dance pole on a stage in a strip joint. I work at Home Depot and had commented to my daughter how much money we made in the recent snowstorm. This photo is of me selling a shovel.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

VIDEO OF THE WEEK: 1940's Inspired Tutorial

Yay! My first makeup tutorial. Note to self, "do on the weekend" this took FOREVER! Haha! But it was such fun! Think I might need a better camera! Comment and subscribe, lots more tutorials to come :).

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

EYE CANDY: Gray Works For a Grey Day

Yes, its raining!  Its grey!  Its gross.  At times like this (and there are many living in Vancouver)  I like to eat curry and pretend I'm in India.  Or I like to feast my eyes on beautiful things.  These beautiful fantasy photos are a work of art to me.  They evoke such emotion I just want to jump in the picture and live in this stunning moody world. Sensual, delicious.  *Sigh*





I wanna live in your world Amber Gray!  Your a freaking genius!!! Can you be any more talented?  Take my picture please!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

FASHION: Who Says Theres No Style In Vangroovy?

Always love a good photo-op! Gottcha!  She looks great doesn't she?  I'd so wear this!

Who: Catherine Snachez
Where: Broadway and Main
Dress: Zara (Milan 2006)
Bag: BCBG (Seattle)
Boots: Freedman's on Granville

Pretty, feminine and easy.  Love it!

Digging these textures together!

You got it right Catherine.  She's a young designer.  Tried her website address, but had no luck.  Maybe you will..

"Hmm, where was that fabulous post? I wanna read it again.."