Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Saved at the gym by Prodigy

Because things are going along swimmingly with me and "Funny Guy",  I felt it an opportune time for me to go back to the gym and pump it up.  I mean, if he becomes worthy, I want to be in shape of course.  Its all about confidence you know.  And being in shape means that for once in my life I can actually leave the lights on.  Great fit body = lights on. Thats right.

So I'm back at the gym on a regular basis becoming "Lady of Rage".  Sometimes you need to get MAD while working out and I like to get rageful often while on the Precor Elliptcal Cross Trainer.  I spend from 20 minutes to 1/2 hour on it, and by the last 10 minutes I'm feeling extremely rageful, and a little bit of rage goes a long long way to an effective workout.

I'm always kicking up the tunes.  Usually I do a little bit of Usher a little bit of Beyonce (when I liked her) and Ciara, but for the last ten minutes I get really down and dirty with Prodigy "Fire Starter".  Usually by that time I'm sucking back the wind and thinking "I'm so over it" so I need a bit of help.  You might think its a strange choice for a funky black chick, but let me tell you, when I pump that out on my ipod, I'm slamming down hard on that Precor.  My face starts to get really serious and I pretend I'm an action star who's just about to barge in on some bad guys and kick them all in the freaking face for selling smack to kids.  Thats right, I'm on my Precor, but I'm really kicking down that door and doing some funky martial arts on some drug pushers buttocks. Then I get off the Precor and I'm INSANE!  I move over to the freaking floor and I'm doing leg lifts like a MANIAC!! GET OUT OF MY WAY!!  Then I go for the sit ups and I'masweatin!  When I'm done, I play a bit of light gospel and I bounce to the change room.

This video is pretty crazy!  Ha! But all I can say is, "Thank you Prodigy for making me one step closer to leaving the lights on!"

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  1. Oh stop it you look marvellous darlin' :)

  2. I love reading you blogs. Keep sending them to me! TL

  3. Great blog! Jozeph

  4. Thanks Guys! Love you!!! You make me feel so good! :)


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