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The Most Stylish People I Know in Vancouver - Richard O'Sullivan


Richard O'Sullivan
Yes, he does live here.
Who says this town doesn't have soul?  Oh Lawd, your looking right at some!  So feast your eyes on this page!
Richard, Richard, Richard.  Why are you so fine?
A few years ago a term was used to describe the affect of an ultra fine brother.  That would be "Whip Appeal" and people, Richard has IT!
Style from his slick hat right down to those dance shoes. Yep, he's a dancer, actor, choreographer all around incredibly sweet and respectful guy. I've known Richard for years.  When I was working at Sweat Co, I suggested him to the owner when she was looking for a fresh dance instructor.  He was a great addition, teaching Hip/Hop to smiling girls who I'm sure came out just to check this panther move! Lord knows I did.  Sit back, relax and enjoy!  Couldn't resist:

Sensual, lyrical, down right cool.  Richard teaches at Harbor Dance
His mother raised him right, and I can't sing his praises enough.
His fashion style is a ray of sunshine in the grey and black boring workout clothes that many sport in this city.  Flowing, easy, comfortable layers.  Young fresh and hip.  Urban and pulled together are words to describe this drink of water.

Sadly, Mr. Fabulous is taken, but no harm in looking :)

And get this.  Richard is FUNNY.  Oh why am I causing myself pain? Haaha!

And he's definatley trying to hurt me with this hat!
You all know how I feel about a man in a hat.
Other men reading this blog, please take note.
Chapeau on a jaunty angle = Whip Appeal.
Suzanne: What does fashion mean to you?
Richard: Fashion to is a state of mind, it starts with the confidence you have within your self and is shown visually by your attire.
Suzanne: When did your own personal style begin to take shape?
Richard: My style began around grade 8 or 9 but really started to take shape around grade 10.
Suzanne: Can you remember your first outfit or piece that you adored wearing?
Richard: The outfit that I adored back then was a black suit that had a crop jacket with padded shoulders and pants that had 3 pleats in the front with tapered cut to the ankles. This was my grad outfit for grade 9.
Suzanne: Do you have any favorite designers?
Richard: I never had a favourite designer, I found myself appreciating the styles of a lot of designers.
Suzanne: Where are some of your favorite places to shop?
Richard: Vancouver is a hard place to find great fashion. I find the fashion is a little behind compared to the east coast or even Europe. I enjoy taking from brand name stores and mixing it with vintage stores to compile a look that represents the mood I have at the time or the occasion.
Suzanne:  What person has influenced your personal style?
Richard: There has not been one person or things that has influenced my style. It is a compilation of my experiences in life from what I have seen and heard.
Suzanne: What celebrity has a style sense that you admire?
Richard: I have admired Usher's style. It is clean, classic and funky.
Suzanne: When putting together an outfit for an important event or for your day to day, what matters to you most?
Richard: The most important thing when putting and outfit togther is matching my feeling at that moment and showing the right accessories to enhance the look.
Suzanne: In your wardrobe, what part do accessories play?
Richard: Accessories play a big part in my look. I will either start with making that my focal point or just add a touch to enhance the look.
Suzanne: How important is fashion in regards to your career?
Richard: Fashion is huge in my career, it defines you as a person. But that is the view of the industry. I believe you wear your clothes your clothes don't wear you.

You definitely wear them Richard.  They ain't wearing you!  Go get you some!

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