Monday, November 16, 2009

This Week In FASHION

Before I began this blog I complained a lot about the lack of style in Vancouver.  But since I started my fashion stalking, my thoughts have begun to change.  When I was in New York I was astounded by the fashion risks people took.  Fabulous layers, colours, real individuality.  So inspiring!  But lately I've noticed that my peeps here have their own thang going on too. All I need do is look at my friends and pay attention.  Maybe I was too busy complaining to notice how rocking everyone was.

This week I'll be showing you my picks for women and men of style in my own backyard.  Well, not in my backyard, cause I don't have one, just a parking lot...but you get the idea.  So sit back, relax and check back often to see what I see :)  My friends are so stylin!

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