Saturday, November 21, 2009

Date Number 2 with Funny Guy

"I have been checking these out.  You are so you to bits.  Hey are you seeing that guy

 Many of you have asked for an update regarding "Funny Guy". I've been so preoccupied with my fashion week that I haven't been able to tell you about whats been going down.  Not to worry though, as if I'd leave you out of the loop!                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
So, last weekend we went out on a second date.  We decided on a movie and picked "2012".  All I can say is thank God I did that "What to Wear on a Date" post, cause I had a very busy day and didn't have time to mess around having a fashion crisis with what to wear.  A fashion crisis is a major downer.  I've totally lost enthusiasm before going out because of one.  I'm sure I'm not alone here.  One of the secrets only women know.  "My clothes are crap!  I'm not going!" Come on, its happened to you!! Usually only a threat, we usually find something but happily most of those choices looked good, so I only had to pick one and I was casually fierce.

When we got to the theatre for the 7:30 show, all three cinemas were sold out so we made a decision to get a 10:30 show and go for dinner.  A risky move, since this means we are going to have to talk face to face for 2 hours, and this was already accomplished during our first date.  Would I get bored with him?  Will I still be amusing?  I mean, I already know his stats, all the basic sniffing was out of the way, now its an impromptu "will we have fun just hanging out" test. I so didn't need to be concerned.  We had a blast.  Mr. Funny, got funnier as the evening went on.  We were chuckling away beautifully, and I had several major guffaws!  We lolled about the restaurant and I got a nice little surprise.  When he took off his jacket he was wearing a light tea-shirt and I found two huge guns staring at me.  Don't freak out, I don't mean artillery, I mean HUGE muscular arms.  This guy is ripped, I hadn't really noticed before.  I'm not strictly into body builders, but it was really cool to see that he took care of himself.  

The movie was GREAT!  I was so angst ridden through the whole thing that I squished really close to him. I gotta say that movie really changed my life.  It had been coming since I watched that "Nostradamus Prophecy" TV show, but this definitely sent me over the edge.  We had a lively discussion about religion, spirituality and the end of the world afterwards and found that our ideas about the whole matter didn't clash.  I began thinking about my life and wondered I were to fall into a volcano tomorrow, would I be proud with it?  Would I have accomplished what I wanted to?  Would I have had all of sex and food I've hoped for?  Mr. Funny started to look a teeny bit different to me after that movie.  If I only have 2 years left cause were all gonna die, would I wanna spend any more time with Mr. Funny?  Is he turning my crank?  And most importantly does he know anything about flying a plane?  (your gonna have to see the movie for that reference).  I do remember him saying during our first date that it was on his life to do list, so I found that really promising.

He drove me home and the issue about the kiss began to loom.  Did I wanna kiss him?  I'm not wasting a kiss if there's only two years left.  I'm not wasting anything!
" I had a really nice time" I unfastened my strap and bent to find my purse.
" Me too." he answered slowly.  Probably figuring out how this kiss was going to go.
" So what are you doing tomorrow?" I was stalling trying to figure out if I should make a run for it or if I wanted to kiss him.
" yada...yada...blah... blah.." (he didn't actually say this, I just can't remember what he answered because I didn't really care about the question, I was just stalling)
"Oh yeah, well, that sounds good..."  I turn to unlock the car door.
"Don't I get a kiss?" he asked.
" Um...."  then I lean in and slowly plant one on him.  
Feels nice.  But didn't want to rip his clothes off.  Kissing some more, started to feel even nicer.  I broke off the kiss and turned to leave.  
"Can I have one more?"
"Nope, gotta give you something to think about" I smiled and got out of the car.
The end - of that night.  
We went out again on Thursday.  I'll tell you more about what happened another time.
Gotta give you something to think about ;)

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