Sunday, November 22, 2009

Beyonce & Lady Gaga - Video Phone

Beyonce & Lady Gaga (eventually)

All I can say is "WHAT THE HELL IS THIS??" Oh Beyonce.  I think you may have officially lost your mind.  I mean, you know I love you, but really...WHAT THE HELL IS THIS???

Jax, showed me this video yesterday and we were both howling our heads off.  Laughing in disbelief in a public place.  Now, I'm all for sexy, you might even say dirty, but this is just in poor taste for so many reasons.  Hair and makeup was fierce, but it all went down the toilet.  It started off ok.  The beginning?  Hot! Slow mo, but lets face it, its been done girly.  And by YOU! Remember "Crazy in Love"?  Yeah, done.  And what's up with the bathing suit?  Your in some kind of industrial area.  I don't see any pool around there.  And what's with those dudes?  What, are they body guards? Secret Service?  Boyfriends? What?  Maybe their pool boys, but then how come their wearing suits? Then we see her in some cool business suit sans the pants.  She opted for full length boots instead.  I'm sure this wouldn't work in the boardroom, but who knows. Its kinda cool, but what are those things dancing with you?  Camera head guys.  ??????????  Ok, artistic maybe but its just not "you" Bee!

Now lets talk a bit about the most idiotic part of the video. What's with the GUNS? GUNS!  Pointing the GUNS at some poor guy with a sack on his head.  Its just disturbing.  Its like some poor, dare I say, hostage for Petes sake.  Thats obviously what she was going for, and she's gyrating and ...oh dear God, such freaking Bad TASTE Beyonce.  Doesn't anyone love you?  Won't anyone tell you that this is inappropriate?  Come on?  And your on your knees humping a plastic rifle?  Geez!  What were you thinking?  I mean really.  Maybe you weren't thinking. Maybe you and J-Z are into some kinky stuff!  Regular sex is going to your head missy.  Then the dude is all tied up and you got your leg on him.  The ropes are pretty and the head sack is vibrant blue. Is being a hostage supposed to be fashionable?
I shake my head.  Shake my head.

The best part of this whole video is Lady Gaga.  And I'm not even a fan!  But shes great in this.  Flicking her weave like Beyonce.  And her voice!  She sounds great!  Powerful, rich.  Fantastic.  She matches Bee with the dancing, even if she does look odd next too her.  Shorter, thinner.  She certainly doesn't fill out that bodysuit, but whateva.  She's rocking it.  She saved this video for me.  But Bee, your gonna have to work hard to get my respect back.  All of it is lost girl. Lost.  And your supposed to be all Christian and all God Fearing.  Well girl you need to pray for enlightenment here, cause you so lost it.

I shake my head. (sigh)

(that last shot on the motorcycle with the rifle???  What the Hell is that??? Hahahahaha!  Oh Bee!)

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