Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Well, I thought I had more to share, but now that the glow has begun to dim slightly I think that there really isn't anything riveting to report. Although, it was beyond fantastic to have some male attention!

Lets see.  I got to the restaurant first.  Totally packed so I had to sit at the bar.  I forgot that a friend of mine got a job as a waitress there and was ecstatic that I would have a secret insider should I need support.  Which really wasn't all that secret cause as soon as he walked in I flapped my gums about her and blew it!  "This is my friend, hahaha, I forgot she worked here, hahha!" (oh brother!).

He was shorter than I thought, nice looking. Cool shirt.  Actually, looked a lot like his picture, which was a relief.  No big surprises.  We checked each other out a bit, sniffed around and since all was acceptable, went right into non-stop conversation.  Asking the usual, questions, laughing, joking, sleuthing, making conclusions.  You know how you do. Thank God he was witty.  Grabbed on to my jokes and kept them going.  Told each other stories.  You know... very nice date.  And, again, there was that HAT.  Why don't men know about the "hat" and the "instant cool" that goes with wearing one?  A very, very underrated accessory.  I was very impressed with that. We ordered some appy's and went into the whole "wanna taste mine" mating ritual.

Our date only lasted 2 hours because I had to get up early the next morning to go on set.  We paid the bill and made our way through the crowd.  Once outside, I went for the hug, he went in for the kiss.  Now, I really don't think myself an old fashioned girl but... I don't know. Exchanging the saliva so early is weird. What do you think?  Come on, we have only been together for two freaking hours.  Am I a prude or does that seem a bit forward to anyone else?  I mean, its nice to know that your kissable, but you should really wait for a sign before you go for it don't you think?  So we commenced with the awkward kiss, I giggled like a 15 year old and then we did the "shall we get together again" thing.  Me made plans to call each other next week to hang out.

There you go.

Interesting to see what happens next.

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