Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Play Time - Barbie?

I've always had a hate on Barbie.  I don't know if it was because Barbie never looked like me, or because I never had the house, car and clothes for her.  Maybe it was because my parents never had the funds or real interest in giving me one, but even though I hated her, I was secretly kinda fascinated too.  Later when I was a teen I saw how unrealistic her image was to girls.  You know the deal, unrelatable, a hint of racism, too skinny, impossible unrealistic body, too perfect yada yada, but now that just kind of sounds like Naomi Campbell.  And Naomi doesn't scare me.  I know what models go through, and Top Model taught me they certainly don't look like that in real life.  Hey!  I just realized I watch Top Model and still feel hot, so now think its safe to venture into Barbie Land and get to know my Barbie sisters for a bit of playtime fun.  A couple of years back I bought a Black Barbie to stick it to the Man, and I thought I share with ya'll some ethnic Barbie love.  Look at what I found.
Saving my favoirte till last.

Lets Start at the Beginning.  The first Black Barbie!
Julia - Diahann Carroll the first Black woman to have her own series in 1969
Looks nothing like her! LOL

I like this one, shes FLY!

Hey is that Beyonce??

This one is Fabulous!!!

Those in the middle Look Like their wearing a Rihanna Original ;)

No you Didunt!

My last 3 movie roles!

The one at the end reminds me of my mum in the 60's

Now come on thats gotta be Naomi!

Tie with my favorite

My ABSOLUTE Favorite!
Must be the dreads!

Ok, which is your favorite?
Anyone for a play date?


  1. Wow. Had no idea there were so many different Barbies.

  2. Tell me about it! So cool! Found a few Indian and Asian too! :)


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