Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Black Undux - Suzanne in her Closet

Well, I have to admit it.
I have a hate on my clothes!  Black, black and more freaking BLACK! I used to love it, now I find it, well, sucky.

Last week I decided  "no more black for me!".  My goal was to wear color for one week and if I was able to totally get rid of all black from my ensemble, I gave myself a gold star.

Getting dressed in the morning proved to be a searching game.  A lot of my clothes are folded because I don't have much closet space so I spend a good 20 minutes unfolding the sea of black to freaking find leggings, skirts and tops. Since most of my wardrobe is black they all look the same!  Can't tell what's what.  Very irritating. But now, I'll never have to worry about falling into the black abyss again.

My little colour test last week was a revelation.  My life felt lighter.  No kidding, I was looking forward to seeing what I could create and really dug my new wardrobe possibilities, but it wasn't easy.  You see, most of my bottoms are black and I really had to stretch to make it through my week.  I bought a new skirt at H&M for 10 bucks and thought it a cool substitute for the black and it made me feel....kinda new.  Strange but true.  Also, along with feeling lighter, I noticed my skin glowed.  Everytime I looked in the mirror I thought, "Is that me??".  I wore a lot of different shades of pink and purple and the reflection off my skin was, if I may say so myself,  quite flattering.  I really had no idea the black was bringing me down.  While watching TV yesterday this designer mentioned to the talk show host that her completely black ensemble made her body disappear so all one noticed was her face.  I wondered if I was trying to make my body disappear? I mean, I've very rarely had a full length mirror.  Which I always found stinking irritating.  Why hadn't I worked harder to get one?? I always wore black (most my life to my fathers horror) because I thought it was cool, easy to put things together and of course made you look thinner, but have since been rethinking the whole thin thing.  I mean do I really look any fatter when I wear color? Me thinks not. I think all that matters is the cut.  Either its a flattering cut for your body type or an unflattering cut and you look gargantuan.  Think about it.  Tru dat.  Do I get an amen?

So, I'm going to give my closest a total overhaul!

Now I wasn't able to completely go all the way.  Most of my outerwear is black.  Scarves, gloves, bags, boots.  I can't be that creative there....but wait, maybe I can.  Now that I think about it, I do have some colorful scarves somewhere and I got a really cool bag as a gift that I do carry sometimes.  So there you go. In the dreary rainy Vancouver winter, I'm gonna be a flower.

Now, any ideas anyone has in regards to organizing my closet so I have more space, bring em on.  In the meantime, I'll keep you in the loop with my new and improved closet.  Suzanne, Under Construction.

A Patch of Blue
(Curves ahead! Watch out Christina Hendricks!)

Now go get you some!

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

VIDEO: Your Gettin In The Way - Some Essential Jill Scott

2007 and THE GODDESS Jill Scott, today is still as bad as ever.
A little bit down memory lane. Jill, I ADORE YOU!! Oh man this track is the BEST!
Come to my house Jill, I'll make you some rice and peas!

No one does it better!

Now, go get you some. Your getting in ma way!;)

For the Love of God!

I’m working in the middle of nowhere this week. Yes, nowhere. Right behind Gods back. Takes me FOREVER to get to here. When I get up in the morning I cringe thinking about the freaking trek, so inevitably I have to yell at myself after 10 minutes of staring up at the ceiling to “GET UP!" Those lost 10 minutes are crucial of course because I set my alarm to the last possible second needed to do my morning toilet. So as the time ticks on the production begins. I take my sweet time at first because I swear I have enough of it, but then Alex (my computer voice) tells me its 7:00, and begin my hysterical race. First of all I question him and run to the computer to make sure there is no mistake. There never is unfortunately. With a yelp I hop around in one boot, clip on my earring and glance at my matrix stream trail as I zap out the door with my leather backpack (filled with stuff I don’t need) digging into my shoulder. Running out the building to the bus with my backpack now sliding down my arm and cricking my freaking neck, I realize I didn’t have breakfast. My favorite freaking meal of the day.

So, today (bitter that I’m going to a job that’s not any fun, and in nose bleed central where there are no good places to..actually no places of all, to eat…actually… there is a place downstairs of the office building that sells sad lonely meals that were probably made in the 1960s, but heck, its better than nothing. Or is it?) I decided to get breakfast here.

So, I just snuck down and got what I laughingly refer to an egg and cheese toasted bagel. I laugh because in my gastronomic snobintry, eggs should not be “cooked” in a microwave, and I don’t believe I’ve ever partook in a processed cheese slice in my life. The lady did try though.  She gave me a multi-grain bagel, but it’s the first time I’ve ever seen a white multi-grain anything. Coming back to my reception desk, I shrug my shoulders at the fact that I’m smelling up the entire area and take my first terrifying bite. Guess what. IT WAS FANTASTIC!! NEVER TASTED A EGG AND CHEESE TOSTED BAGEL SO GOOD IN MY LIFE!! Who knew!! I want 5! Gonna get it every morning! How can something so bad, taste so freaking good. Made me so happy I cheerfully said hi happily to the mean lady (while hiding the smelly deliciousness) and meant it. Haha! 3 more days of this bad/good breakfast treat. Yahooooo!

(Not actual bagel. To take a picture of the real one
I would have to do it in the bathroom and that would be gross)

Now, go get you some. 

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Friday, March 12, 2010

Bad Rabbits - You Can't Back Down

Um, I'm IN LOVE!!!!

Can't Back Down
(Oh, man, you guys are BAD!)

Now, go get you some!

check em out!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The 2010 Oscars! ROCKED!

Ok, lets debrief!
                                                                                            Amanda Seyfried
What is that?  HATED IT!  That bustier is horrible!  Can the poor child  breathe?  Way too constrained  and hair too severe.  But the makeup was nice.

Sandra Bullock
Beautiful.  This picture isn't the best, but she glowed. Poised and elegant.  I loved the simple hair that never moved.  The earrings worked too.  Relaxed, confident, moved well.  And I don't care what they say, I loved the lipstick.

Vera Farnega
A lot of controversy over this one.  I kinda liked it. Bold.  In a sea of pale.  Reminded me of a flower and was very artistic.  She seemed to have problems moving though, but she was beaming as brightly as the dress. Fabulous. 

Nicole Richie
When I first saw her on the carpet, I thought, "Alright!  60's inspired, groovy Valley of the Dolls-esque"  But now... HATE IT!

James Cameron & Wife Suzi Amis
Um, don't get it.  She looked tired, and painfully thin and lifeless.  This is a good picture
but she looked a tad hungry, almost sickly.  Definitely needed some color on her face!  She kind of reminds me of a Jane Austin type character.  James?  Well, I can't really get into dissing since it would be nice to be in one of his movies this year, but I will say, it was nice to see that his hanky matched her dress.

Helen Mirren, Dress: Badgley Mischka
Simply Divine!
I love this woman.  Class all the way.  Freaking fabulous body.  I mean how old is this she anyway...checking....65!  Holy Cow!  She looks great!!!  Love the magical sequins and how delicately it covers her arms.  I think she's rockin! Hair, makeup, perfect!  Christopher Plummer looks dashing in his classic Tux.

Jake Gyllenhaal
This is a good looking guy.  But...BORING!! COME ON YOUR YOUNG!  FUNK IT UP GUY!  Did you borrow that suit from Christopher Plummer?

Take a cue from your sis.  Look at this:

Maggie Gyllenhaal
Love it!  Interesting print.  Perfect fit (nothing hanging out). Simple hair, love the earrings,  flirty!  And cool bracelet!

Ryan Reynolds
Now, I know I've been hating on these boring Tux's , but GOD, if your wearing this body and face, this the tux is wearing you!!  I mean really!  I can't remember when I saw such a handsome form in a standard Tux!  Is it is height?  His carriage? Or the cut?  What ever it is, he transformed this suit.  Is he married? 

Sarah Jessica Parker
I mean its an interesting dress, but she did NOT rock it!
Her makeup was wretched.  Way too much on the eyes!  And what was up with the hair?  All flying up on the top when she presented.  This is when I ask the oh so special question to famous people.  "Don't you have any friends?"  Sister, if you were my friend I would NEVER let you out the door like that!!  The shape didn't flatter her booming bod and the weird straps made her look like she was choking or something. Very uncomfortable to look at. Awful!


Charlize Theron
I don't know.  Its kinda "Madonna boobs".  She is really lovely, and the dress fits perfectly, but I think I'll give her a Meh.
Maybe from the back...

Double Meh.

Rachel McAdams
Lovely girl, lousy dress.  The shape is all wrong.  And she has a great body.  You would never know in this thing!   Way too bottom heavy with the empireish waist.  Colors are way to muted, its kinda depressing! 

Jeremy Renner
Finally a refreshing spin on the old Tux!  Loved the silver grey tie. One of my favorites of the evening!  Hawt!  And is it me or does he look like Bond? 

Daniel Craig
Hmm, me thinks they are the same person:)

moving on...

One of my favorite ladies...
Carrie Mulligan
Everything worked! Cut of dress, great earrings, cool short blonde pixie cut!  Looove it! Young, flirty, artistic, edgy, fun!   Love the clutch.  Love the makeup, the false lashes, pale lips.  Working!    Cute scissors and forks on the dress!  She was not great on the red carpet though.  But it was kinda charming.  Such a newbie.  Love the shoes and the cut on the bottom of the dress.

Gabourey Sidibe
You go big girl and get what you want!  I love her.  Such an inspiration for me personally.  Big, blue and glorious!  She freaking worked that dress.  Perfect for her.  I always have an issue with her hair, but it looked great this night.  Her makeup was lovely too! Your wicked Gabby!  Love you!!!

Yeah!  Thats right!!! You work that off the shoulder!

Another big fabulous sister that is not so big anymore. Did she loose a few pounds?
Queen Latifah
My favorite look of the night.  You are a Queen girl!  PERFECT.  I WOULDN'T CHANGE A THING!!!  I loved the color, I would so wear this.  The shape, accenting her curves, the diagonal shoulder, matching bejeweled clutch.  Makeup flawless, feminine beautiful.  Hair perfect coif, earrings cute dangling pink pearls.  Oh my gosh Lady!  Absoultely stunning!  This is your moment.  LOVE!

Shave please.

Miley Ray Cyrus
Well looky here.  Our little girl has all grown up.  How can you tell?  Anorexia has finally set in.  She looks hungry frankly.  Go eat a something Miley.  Love the dress but that faux smile is saying " I will kill everyone here for a roast beef sandwich!!!".

Jennifer Lopez
Another controversy.  Either you loved or hated.  I loved!  She look fantastic.  Graceful, elegant.  Only she could pull this off!  Lovely!  Couldn't really make out the color.  White?  Pink?  Both?  Sort of iridescent!  She was Effervescent!  Hair and makeup was perfect too, and she looked like like a queen!
Here it looks Pink.

My gosh, I could go on and write forever!   Here.  Three together..
          Meryl Streep                                  Cameron Diaz                                 Kate Winslet
        FREAKING FABULOUS                        MEH                                     LOVED IT
George Clooney and Awful Girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis
Sadest Couple
I mean REALLY!  I do not like this woman!  She seemed irritated all night!  You have George Clooney and your his date for the freaking Oscars!  Look alive woman!  Have an aura!  You don't want to be there, move out of my WAY!  Geez, how awful could it be??  You are a downer girlfriend!  Ugh!  Totally UNFUN!!!

Zoe Saldana
I'm so hanging out with you!  Lets be best friends, were gonna have a laugh!  Not one boring minute!  You gotta be cool to pull that off!  You rock Zoe!  Talk about a good time!  Lets go to the Governors Ball after this and do the Can Can on top of tables!  I love this woman!!!


All in all a fabulous fashion night!  I had a BLAST!  The highlights for me..
1.  When Mo'nique won and gave a wonderful acceptance speech.  
2.  The freaking amazing dance number.  Honestly, my mouth hung!  I couldn't get enough.  The classical with the hip/hop, street dancing.  I actually cried at one part.  It was really spectacular! 

Kathryn Bigleow,  the first woman director to win an Oscar.   Another great moment.
4.  My favorite.  Screenwriter Geoffrey Fletchers (Precious) emotional acceptance speech.  I was so moved by his beautiful voice.  I feel in love with that guy....
"I don't know what to say.  This is for everybody who works on their dream every day"
Thanks Geoffrey.  All us artists needed that.


Now, go get you some!

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Monday, March 8, 2010


Like Mo'nique would say: "I hope your wearing you Depends!"  This is HILARIOUS!!! Hahahhaha!

Friday, March 5, 2010

FASHION: Sorority Dress Code

This was sent to me by my friend Tammy. Once posted on the internet it went viral pretty fast!   Its HILARIOUS!  I know its tiny but its worth the squint!  Hahahaha! Check it out! :)


Now go get you some, but make sure your properly dressed!

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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Video: Hehe..

I know, I'm insane.  But this makes me chuckle:)

Pierre Eats A Cookie

Hahaha, "Mash..."

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


JapaDog, why must you be so good?  
Mum said you looked yucky then took a massive bite and left a measly piece for me.  What up with that?  
Whateva, when she goes back to TO its just you and me:)

This is What Heaven Looks Like

The Baros Maldives


When I look at this my heart hurts.  Its like my heart is pulling out of my chest, pulling me to the most beautiful place I have not seen.  One of these days, one of these days....

Look at that, I mean, look at that....
This is my house.  I live there (practicing the Secret).

Have you ever seen such water?  No?  Me neither.

There goes my heart again...

Dear God,
I have been thinking.  I know, dangerous right?  Well, just had a thought that if you, you know, arranged it, so that I can go here for a month, I promise to say 50 Hail Mary's, and fast for a week.  Pretty please?  


Now, go get you some!

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"Hmm, where was that fabulous post? I wanna read it again.."