Thursday, September 30, 2010

Since We Last Chatted in June...

Well, more like since we last chatted two days ago...I fell in love with this video!  Thanks Alana!
Thanks Shim for helping me locate it too (muah!)

                                                 Up & Over It

Bet you can't do it!  I can..uh, huh, doing it right now.  Did it yesterday ;)

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Since We Last Chatted in June...

I've been spending a lot of time on YouTube.  Got my own channel ya know, but mostly enjoying the community and watching tons of videos.
One of the vlogs I been following has been that of my favorite babyvamp Jessica from "True Blood".  Didn't you know she has her own vlog channel?  She most certainly does.  Where ya been under a rock?! She talks about everything from boyfriends to fangs and even dolls out fashion advice.  Here she has a special treat for us all.  A fabulous guest that offers her take on fashion.  I've been watching this one again and again!  Its hilarious!  I LOVE Pam!  Way to dish out style info ladies!

"Jessica" (Deborah Ann Woll) and the naughtiest female vampire ever,
 "Pam" (Kristin Bauer)

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Friday, September 24, 2010

Since We Last Chatted in June...

I decided to go off starchy carbs and sugar for a while.  Yep, and as I write this I am having a major craving! I keep on going over to my fridge, looking in it for a few counts of 10, see nothing but freaking vegetables, shut it, sit down, and go back a half hour later to see if some chocolate cake appeared while I wasn't looking.  Nothing.  Man am I feeling rage full.  Started on Monday, and promised myself I would at least see the week out and begin another work out routine. Healthy, ripped body Suzanne! In just one week!  Haha!  I devoured Toronto and decided I need to pay for my epicurean recklessness.  Toronto is pasta central you know and, this actress has a pasta sign with a diagonal line across it.  But I did not bring it with me on my vacay and I am now feeling serious withdrawal people!!

Just for fun (or to give myself pain) lets travel back to a few weeks ago.  I am currently placing myself in a little piece of heaven off Queen Street called "Mitzi's Cafe" with my fabulous friend Katie and eating the naughtiest pancake ever!  "Cake" being the best descriptive word here!  Oh, my, my, my....

mitzi's Famous Pancake
Served with pure maple syrup & fresh whipped cream
Now, I had it like this, with mango, but the original comes like this description below:
Topped with apple snow, toasted almonds and an apple ring. Served with pure maple syrup & fresh whipped cream. $13.95 (also available wheat free)
(Apple snow??!  Fantastic, but alas, I'm allergic to apples and freaking nuts! ahh me)

But, I know I didn't miss a thing because as soon as I took my first delectable, hefty, carby, naughty bite, my eyes rolled back and my toes curled and it was me and my lover Mr. Pancake.  Real maple syrup (from CANADA!  hahaha) sweet and fragrant, tantilizing...oh God, why do I do this to myself.  Usually I go to bed dreaming of boys, guess what I'll be dreaming of tonight!  Sigh!  Ok, lets get down to non food shots:

Katie and me before the gastronomic debauchery..
I won't know what hit me!

Katie (acting like St. Peter) at the doors of Heaven.
She is the one who took me to this fabulous place.  
Katie thank you.....for making me hungry..

Think I'll go look in the fridge now.

Now, go get you some!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Since We Last Chatted in June...

I spent a ton of time lunching with my girls at the Vancouver Art Gallery!  I looove lunching there cause I feel so posh and Sex In The City.  The food is great, very girly, and the classical music is so relaxing.  Sunny, pretty, and delicious!  Great place to people watch too!  Fashion stalked this funky lady...and yes, I lost the info!  Hey, it was before I made my promise to you ;)

Black and white, easy colors, cool style!
You look great, girl who's name I forget!
What makes this look are the accessories.  Girl knows how to work em!

Layer the necklaces....

Funky Gladiator High Heals
I wish I could rock these, but lets face it, you gotta have a car!
They were not made for the walking I do!

Bag Works too!  Go on!

And yes, those lashes were real!  I asked her!  
So jealous!
You rock Blonde Girl!
(if your reading this give me the deets ok?)

You know, I actually did rock some shorts this summer.  I only wore them one day mind you, it was hard for me, but I did it!  I have some pictures somewhere, lets see, where are they....oh...heres.....who am I kidding you'll never see them, NEVER!  Muahahahhaha!

Now go get you some!  

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Since We Last Chatted in June...

I fortunate enough to book and then film some great projects! One of which was a commercial for "Holiday Inn"! Why did I love it so much? Cause I got to wear this:

I know it doesn't look like much, but this suit
was designer and cost $1000.00 buckeroos!
No freaking joke!

Here it is with the jacket..
My expression is a bit loony, but I was really feeling it.
Here the arms were a tad too long, but the costume lady just added
some kind of double sided tape, folded it under, ran an iron over it and easy peasy, it ended up looking like it was made for lil ol me:)

"So busy! Another business meeting at the hotel bar on this
out of town business trip. (sigh) So very busy!!"

For this shoot I had to walk into my fabulous "Holiday Inn" hotel room, flip off my shoes and flop exhausted on the firm yet comfortable mattress on my king size bed. So, they had to put makeup my legs and feet since my legs were being showcased. I had no idea or I would have done some lunges or leg lifts that morning! And I would have taken off my Anna Sui glitter gold nail polish. It took the makeup lady Lindsay about 1/2 hour to get it off! I was concerned that my black girl leg makeup would rub off on the blaring white sheets on the bed, but I worried needlessly since the make up lady showed me this miracle product that keeps your makeup from rubbing off.

Fix' Make-Up
by Clarins Paris

All you do is lightly mist this on your face or in my case "legs" and your makeup wont rub off. It lasts for hours. And its apparently for sensitive skin so it doesn't make you break out! Fabulous! I don't know how much it costs, but I bet its a pretty penny. Worth it though if your like, getting married and you don't want your make up to get all over your guests face when your kissing congratulations or hugging. Or perhaps winning an oscar and kissing the presenter. I suppose it would be fabulous for affairs too, should you be that type. No tell tale lipstick on the collar. Ha!

Now, go get you some!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Since We Last Chatted in June...

I've become OBSESSED with True Blood!  I rented the first two seasons and then a friend of mine downloaded this season (Season 3) and we watched all episodes riveted and amused until the season finale last week.   I don't get HBO so downloading is the only way I can watch.  I LOOOVE this show! Which is very strange ya'll cause I won't watch excessive violence in film and we all know there is a hefty sprinkling of that in the show.  I think its ok with me cause a) its about Vampires and well, they don't exist therefore zero comparison to real life and b) its a hilarious show!  I laugh my head off all the time.  Its so freaking clever and Jason well, he is hysterical!  Hahaha!  Having said that, the first time I rented it I watched like, 5 episodes in a row and went to bed feeling nauseous and shaken up.  Anyway,
I had been hearing about it for a couple of years now and was not that stoked on watching yet another vampire show, I mean, what's there left to be creative about? Seen it all know everything there is to know about these creatures of the night and well, BORING!  But not so with the altra clever Alan Ball (creator) who I would trample over my mother to work with.  Heh, heh, um, just kidding mum :D.  A couple of years ago my friends boyfriend said I looked like one of the characters in it.  Terrified I began to search and suspected the character in question looked like Whoppi Goldberg, but I was pleasantly surprised (nothing against Whoppi, but I look nothing like her.  And if someone was going to be compare me to a black actress than why couldn't I be compared Halle Berry or something!) when I found out he meant I looked like Rutina Wesley (Tara).  Now, lets be real, I look nothing like her either, but I would suspect its all about the hair and skin color thing since there isn't many black stars as dark as me or who rocks braids or dreads, so you know, they go to default.  But what really got me was a friend of mine saying not only do I look like her but I remind her of Tara.  Geez!  Please, you gotta be kidding.  Talk about a character with massive chip on her shoulder! I mean, I don't ever swear or use profanity out of the bedroom, how insulting!  When I questioned my friend further she said she meant the quality of  fierceness and protectiveness over her relationship with Sookie, so I took that as a positive and bounced happily away.

Here is a little amusing bit of trivia for you!  Did you know that Rutina wasn't origanally cast as Tara?  Nope, they shot the entire first episode with another actress named Brooke Kerr.  I tried to get more information on this poor actress but couldn't find much on why it was recast.   Man, I would be choked they recast me now that True Blood is so stinking huge.  Girlfriend could have become a star.  But lets face it, she just doesn't have the issues Rutina has. You know, angry black stereotype thing.  I even heard that Tara's character wasn't even black in the novels.  But regardless I can't picture anyone else with the overacting angst that is Tara!  Look for yourself.  This is so cool!

Verses This:

Um, yeah.  I'l take Ms. Rutina anytime.  Even if she is irritating me this season with her sad sack self.  Oh and here's a question for you... what is up with Sookie still being in love with boring Bill after she found out that  Tara was tied up and about to be abused and then turned vampire by that psycho vampire (HILARIOUS GUY) and Bill did NOTHING.  Didn't save her, didn't even bat a dead eyelash!  Man if my boyfriend didn't save one of my girlfriends from a fate worse then death, well I'd....I'd....I'd....well, I wouldn't be with him thats for sure! Definitely not future husband material!

Now, go get you some :)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Since We Last Chatted in June...

I fell in love!

Yes, I did, and its been the most beautiful yet uniquely different experience of my life.

My beautiful readers, this experience has been a completely transformative one.  I've learned so much and yet still have so much to learn.  I was scared at first.  Asked friends for advice, looked for information - anything - I could get on the internet to make sure I was doing it right.  I mean, I've never experienced this before.  Yeah, I've witnessed other families and singles in my same situation and even thought that it would be a breeze when it finally happened, you know, cause of TV and commercials and stuff.  Actually, I've made so many mistakes already!  Its been a difficult start!   Because I've never experienced this kind of love in my life before I actually forget that it is indeed part of my life.  I go back to living like I did before I had this love and that old tape of me being the only one in the world without tends to play in my head a lot more than I care to admit.   Days go by with me completely forgetting cause its so new!  Can you believe it!? Anyway, I never truly thought it would ever happen to me, never really envisioned this kind of love in my life.  But let me tell you, my life has completely changed.  How could I have gone so long without?   Just thinking about whats going to happen after a delicious candlelit dinner at home makes me giggle like a school girl. Here is a picture of me and the object of my affection:

Danby DDW497 with room to wash  4 standard place settings and 5 wash cycles that gets my dishes sparkling clean!!!

You dishes will never ever mock me again after an afternoon of Indian cooking!!!!  Into the dishwasher you go!!!!  

I think I'll name him Brad!  "The dishes Brad!"  "Oh friends, no need to tidy up after I've slaved in the kitchen for hours for you, Bradly is doing the dishes tonight!"  Remember that post I wrote about before.  My dream has come true  Hahahha! Eat your heart out guy down the hall!  Hehehehahahahahohohoho! 

Now, go get you some!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Since We Last Chatted in June...

I went to Toronto for a fortnight (heh heh , always wanted to use that word in a sentence)  to celebrate my mothers milestone birthday.  It was so fantastic, especially since my then boyfriend (yes I said boyfriend) flew out to join the festivities for a week.  (more on this in a later post)  Bet you dyyyying to know the deats about that huh?  Well, you'll just have to check back wont cha ;)
On the fashionable sidewalks of sunny TO, I fashion stalked this lovely lady.  Oh, of course, I don't remember a lousy detail about this fab fashionista, but, thought I'd give her a showcase regardless.

Don't you just love this!  I adore the color of this dress
with her gorgeous chocolate skin tone and it fits 
her like a dream!  Bag is cool and those shoes rock!
Since I can't remember her name, I'll call her Jackie.  Actually, now that I think about it, I just might be right.  Jackie...or something like that.  
I think the dress is from Zara.  Ugh!  I'm so bad!
I promise I will write down the info and put it in a safe place so I 
can report back to you the next time I do a stalk!  I mean, the next time I actually take out my camera.  Cause, um, I actually have several to show you, in which I, uh, can't find, well, you know...

You look great Jackie!  Or was it Janet?  Hmmm...

And looove your shoes Jennifer, er, Janet?
Whatev, YOU ROCK!

Now, go get you some:)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Since We Last Chatted...

I'm baaaaack!!!

Wow!  Has it been since June??!!  I can't believe its been so long since we've chatted! Its been a FANTASTIC summer!  Since June my life has totally changed! Thank God!
Spent a lot of time making love to the sun.
And I got a great heat rash to prove it! :)

It didn't just happen, I decided to re-carve and create a new one.    So much was so sucky, and I was fed up with so many areas that I really thought I needed to take some time off and really focus on making major changes.  Thank God it was Summer because the sun made all the difference and just turned out to be the best time to do it.  All that sun is energizing and inspiring.  I tell you (and I've told you a zillion times) I LOVE THE SUN!  Why the heck do I live in Vancouver?  LOL!  I know you've been wondering where I've been and what I did to re-carve. Honestly, thats a long post, but I can tell you that I went hard core, looking at 3 main areas that I was mostly unhappy about and needed to change immediately.  I believe that our life is OURS - no one elses, and if we want it to be great, - our definition of great - we have to roll up our sleeves and make it great OURSELVES.  No one else can do it for us. The areas I concentrated on were Money, Intimacy, and Fun/Joy.  Did not have a lot of any of these areas in my life and that, my friend, was unacceptable.  So I developed a daily program, which I called "The Genesis Project".  I used goal setting ideas and concepts, some from experts and some tools I've learned or created myself.  My program had me completing tasks and reaching daily and weekly goals with the intention of going from 0% to more than 100% (in some areas) in 6 weeks.  And it worked!  Actually, I went to about 150% in some areas in the first week!!  Now I'm happier, more grounded, and excited about getting up everyday and have new hope for my future.  Soooo stinking much has happened this summer, friends, sun, new expeirences, I just can't share them in one post. So to catch you up with Suzanne living in the fabulous city, I've decided to do some posts that will let you in to what your girl has been up too.  Man, I missed you guys!

My favorite Summer picture.  So freaking happy:)))))

Now go get you some!!

"Hmm, where was that fabulous post? I wanna read it again.."