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The Most Stylish People I Know in Vancouver - Wayne Bernard & Michelle Peltier

Style isn't only about the clothes you wear.  Truly.  I even looked it up.  Check this out:
In honor of this definition, I present to you, one of the most Stylish couple I know.  I even gave them a name: "Waynelle"  Uh huh, thats Wayne and Michelle.
Brad and Angelina have nothing on them.  This is a real, sweet, sexy, and stylish couple.  Elegant, distinctive and a lot of wooing going on.  More like Woot actually. These two are hilarious! Newly engaged, they have a whole life of Wanyelle to look forward to.  Gorgeous too look at and fun to be around.  Look how nicely they clean up and dress (nearly completely undress) down.  

Simply Beautiful!

Waynelle looking cute as can be!

This is the (almost completely) dressed down part!
Sexy without the vulgar.  Style!
The Waynelle Interview:

Suzanne: What does fashion mean to you?
Michelle: I don’t necessarily follow “fashion” but I’m interested in watching what the world gives me and interpreting what this means to MY everyday life. I won’t buy something simply because it’s “fashionable”, I buy something be cause it intrigues me – expresses something I want to say – makes me take a second glance, makes me feel comfortable.

Unusually non talkative Wayne: Fashion means if I look good then I am in Fashion, ultimately I think I know what looks good on me (most of the time before my fiance tells me no)
Suzanne: When did your own personal style begin to take shape?
Michelle: I think probably in high school – I was in a very strict Catholic high school and I had to wear school uniforms (navy skirts/pants and white/blue shirts). When you’re wearing uniforms you learn to express yourself in other ways…jewellery, hair, make up – I spent a lot of mornings perfecting my hair. I can’t say I’d EVER wear my hair in the same styles but isn’t that what everyone says about their high school fashion? Also, unfortunately at the time I had little money and though I used second-hand boy’s uniforms (all buttons were backwards and somehow all the popular girls notice this), could only rely on hand-me-downs from old (male) students so much. I remember my dad giving me $15 dollars for new school pants and when I told him uniform pants were $40 he said, “Make it stretch”, so I went to the mall and found navy blue pants very similar to our uniforms in Le Chateau for $15. There was only one teacher that ever seemed to notice (or the only one not to take pity) that would tag me for detention every day if I walked past her class – she was on the second floor one class before my scheduled math class – I learned to walk one floor higher, walk to the end of the hall, go back down one flight and steal into the class quickly. I know it all could have been solved if I’d only bought school pants, but when you’re given $15, you’re given $15.
Unusually non talkative WayneProbably when I moved to Vancouver Everybody has their own unique taste and fashion.
Suzanne: Can you remember your first outfit or piece that you adored wearing?
Michelle: I was 13 – my first pair of heels – they were only 1 inch, but they were HEELS! My mom bought them for me for my Aunts wedding. She asked as we were buying them if I’d even be able to walk in them and I promised, it was so easy right? I practiced for HOURS in front of the mirror before debuting them at the wedding. And I rocked them – danced the night away! Or at least the ceremony and 1 hour of the wedding…then it was bare-feet with the rest of the tweens.
Unusually non talkative Wayne: I loved the first suit I bought it was Calvin Klein and it was the most expensive article of clothing I have ever bought. I felt great in it.
Suzanne: Do you have any favorite designers?
Michelle: I try not to follow designers – I find by the time I can afford the designers that everyone follows, their fad has already been eliminated and the next designer is taking the scene. It’s all about names and money. And money is not what the mainstream people have to spend on monetary labels.
Unusually non talkative Wayne: Hugo Boss
Suzanne: Where are some of your favorite places to shop?
Michelle: I love to explore Granville Street and Main Street – you never know what you might find. I recently moved into the neighbourhood and feel like I’ve found GOLD. I find it’s more interesting going out and having an open-mind then to shop for a specific piece. It can get very frustrating if you’re looking for a specific look.
Unusually non talkative WayneHarry Rosen and G-Spot on Broadway. 

Suzanne: What person has influenced your personal style?
Michelle: My Mom always said that I have her “legs” so instead of accentuating the usual T&A, I try to focus on more “out-of-the-norm” areas. Legs, shoulders, back – anyone can hike their boobs up, or stick their butt out – but when you feel comfortable with a part of you, I think you should show it – because people, especially men notice your confidence, and are very attracted to it.
Unusually non talkative WayneI really like european style and the all american t-shirt and a good pair of jeans (Tavernetti)
Suzanne: What celebrity has a style sense that you admire?
Michelle: I love Jennifer Aniston’s natural style, white shirts and jeans, black shirts and jeans. Always looks amazing, relaxed, clean, isn’t trying too hard. I love the way Rhianna plays with fashion, though I’d never wear half the things she would – it’s important to take pieces from people you admire and not try to just follow them – she’s Hollywood, I’m Vancity – very different lives! But she likes to experiment and she always has her head up and shoulders back. Confidence!
Unusually non talkative WayneGeorge Clooney- Classic.
Suzanne: When putting together an outfit for an important event or for your day to day, what matters to you most?
Michelle: Comfort! You cannot pull of any look unless you are comfortable. If you’re hiking up your strapless tank to show off your boobs, it’s noticed. If you’re hiking down your short skirt, it’s noticed. If you hunch your shoulders in any outfit, it’s noticed. But anyone, anywhere, can pull off any outfit (even if you yourself wouldn’t wear it yourself) if they show confidence. Because who is allowed to say what one should wear?
Unusually non talkative WayneThat I look my best.
Suzanne: In your wardrobe, what part do accessories play?
Michelle: Accessories are an inexpensive way to alter an everyday outfit. A necklace, bracelet, ring or earrings can change ANY outfit.
Unusually non talkative Wayne Have a couple of watches and once in a while I wear a long silver neclace that was my grandfathers. 
Suzanne: How important is fashion in regards to your career?
Michelle: Fashion is the LEAST important factor in my specific career. Working with twelve 2-year-olds everyday involves me only considering comfort and durability. Although I’d like to wear my everyday clothes to work, I very specifically have my “every-day clothes” and my “work-clothes”. I tried mixing them once, ended up with spilt black paint on my new white shirt…a very expensive combination. But when shopping for “work clothes” you never know what you’ll find – a skinny jean I would never usually purchase has become my signature piece for the last 4 months!?
Unusually non talkative WayneI like to wear suits and now that I am starting in Real Estate it matters how I present myself. 

Photo Op - Waynelle on the Beach
Fabulous! Man, they are gonna have beautiful kids!
Go get you some Waynelle!


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  3. You should be on here too honey! You stylish lady! Thanks for the love, I really enjoyed doing this week!


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