Monday, November 15, 2010

Fashion Week - And I shake My not so little tush On The Catwalk!

So I get this email a few weeks ago from a lovely lady from the BC Cancer Foundation who found me via another lovely lady I met at Pret a Pour Tea .  Remember?  I co-hosted the event last year?  Weeelllll, she said that she partnered with Fashion Week and was looking for (young) women to walk in a fashion show and bring awareness to "Don't Forget To Check".  Its a website dedicated to young women promoting the message "don't forget to check" and teaching what to look for so they can limit risk of breast cancer.  She said that should I want to get involved, a designer would get in touch with me and I would open a show. Open a show? What did you say???!!! Walk the cat walk?  Get fitted in a fabulous designer dress??? Well, I promptly wrote back with a very calm reply "HELLL YEAH!!!!"  Girlfriend didn't need to twist this rubber arm!  I was ECSTATIC!  I was alllll over it people!  I mean, what insane woman would say NO?  And for a fabulous cause to boot?  Maybe I could go to some shows and sit in the front row with my computer frantically typing away and looking all gossipy and important?  Or I'd be absoultely fine with sitting there all prettilly crossing my legs with a serious look on my face watching the other models sashay and chante by as I note what to buy cause I'm so rich.  Oh JOY!!!  I can pretend I'm in New York and about to purchase one of the dresses for a gala I''ll be partaking in. HAHAHAHHAA! (to be read in a manic insane kind of way).

So I got an email Meredith Grantier the designer from Papillion Eastern and bounced happily to a fitting.  Got to try on several dresses from their spring/summer collection and was doing cartwheels when she chose my favourite piece.  They were so serious and nonchalant at the fitting while I was grinning and giggling like a school girl.

I begged for I got the news that I would get a free ticket to the Opening Gala. Yahoo!  Had no idea what to expect but got all spiffied up and found some coin to actually take a cab since I knew my poor bunions would be getting a workout standing all night.  Ahh to drive a car....

Anyway, here are some blurry badly photoshopped, pics I took at the Gala opening night. I so need to get a real camera!  Any suggestions?
Me and Andy Webster
(owner of Webster Talent)
Ok, no one, but no one looks good from this angle!  Why??

Ladies in blue.
Me and Andy's beautiful date.

Fabulous and Funky.  Love the shoes.

 Of course one of my high points of the night!
(can I be any more shinier?Gak!)

What I stuffed my face with.

Shoes.  Not mine.  But I wish:)

Model. Love this.

Model.  Wha?? Hated this!  You gotta be kidding.
Where would one wear this?  Lawd!

Mmm, looved this.  Haha!

Model. A tad Mae West.

Model.  Whatev.

Model & Designer.  The tallest woman I've ever seen in 
my life!  

Fabulous Hair.  Rihanna should have done this.

Mae West(ish) Model from the front.

Mae West(ish) model close up.

And now, drum roll please, the Papillion show!
I gotta thank the fabulous Terry-Lynne Storey for fiddling with her brand spanking new iphone and accidentally taking these while actually trying to take a picture.  What a fabulous error.  Short, but sweet!

Terry-Lynne's first attempt at shooting a photo.
And then happily she did it again...

Hahaha! Yeah!

Oh my gosh I LOVED it!  So much fun.  No pressure, just a lovely time.  Check out the photographers at the end of the runway...


Ah, my 15 minutes of modeldom!  What a blast. Well, it was more like 15 seconds.  Went so freaking fast!  I'm sure Tyra will be calling me to be a guest judge.  Lovely night! I fell asleep with a smile on my face.  Too bad I was alone!  Hahaha!

Now, go get you some!

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Friday, November 12, 2010

Birthing Babies - Untold Stories From the ER

Oh my gosh you guys!  Check out this picture!  Ha!

"Student Delivery"
Airing December 1st, on TLC

Clearly I do know something about birthing babies!  Hehee!
All in a days work:)

Now go get you some!

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Monday, November 1, 2010

VIDEO - The Perfect Guy

Catherine Deneuve Circa 1980

Well, all I can say is, where the heck can I find a guy like that Catherine?

Do I need to wear Channel?  I better go get me some.

Now go get you some.

"Hmm, where was that fabulous post? I wanna read it again.."