Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Most Stylish People I Know in Vancouver - Crystal Cote


The Knockout!  Crystal Cote
Dress: BCBG
At the top of my list when it comes to style.  Crystal lives style in my eyes.  She's a true artist that sings like an angel (she pens her own songs), acts like she should be knighted (she graduated from the very intense and well respected theater school "Studio 58"), paints like freaking Picasso and has the most sensitive heart in the world.  I love Crystal, she is definitely the go-to for advice about the spirit and how to decorate my mansion.  If I did have a mansion.  She has impeccable taste. She decorated her home beautifully with earthy colours and rich textures.  Gorgeous woods, clean shapes.  Ahhh!  When I first met her I thought "Girl can DRESS".  Always interesting, she knows her body and what shapes work well.  She uses soft colors and accessorizes wonderfully with fabulous soft bags.  I always think of her all dressed up like the picture above.  I don't know why, she does the jean thing more often, but in my mind Crystal should have been born in the 1920's or 30's.  I wasn't surprised when she launched her music website, that she would lean towards this feminine jazzy style.

Feather headpiece made by Crystal
Not only does Crystal clean up nice, I also love her everyday ensembles.  I put her on a task of photographing what she wears day to day.  She agreed to photograph her outfits every morning for three days and send them to me to show you.  Now, thats brave don't you think.  Well, no need to be scared when your Ms. Crystalline!

Day 1. Beautiful.
Sweater: Scoop

Day 2
Love that bag!

Beautiful layers accomplished without
looking bulky.  Wicked!
Sweater: Zara
Suzanne: What does fashion mean to you?
Crystal: Fun, self expression
Suzanne: When did your own personal style begin to take shape? 
Crystal: Age 15/16. I was in junior high.  In grade 8 it was all about brand names and you didn't know what to expect.  I didn't come from a lot of money and really felt limited because I couldn't afford them. Then in grade 9 the grunge style started appearing. Grade 10 it was cool to be grungy and that I could do. I would go to thrift stores at lunch durning their weekly 2 dollar bag days, then my girlfriends and I would swap.  We even began making clothes out of the things we bought like old overalls.  It was cool to do that. We would wear Long Johns under short jean cut offs with army boots and a flannel shirt.  That hole grunge area opened up a lot of creativity for me and my friends it was cool not to be brand name.
Suzanne: Can you remember your first outfit or piece that you adored wearing? 
Crystal: Tweet wool coat circa 1940 I found at the thrift for $3. 
Suzanne:  Do you have any favorite designers? 
Crystal: Vancouver based Rubi & Kino, Toronto based Dagg & Stacey.
Suzanne:  Where are some of your favorite places to shop? 
Crystal: Seattle - BCBG Outlet, Nordstroms & Nordstroms Rack, Main Street Vancouver, Queen St. Toronto...but mostly my fav. is finding little sample sales in obscure places for unique pieces. 
Suzanne:  What person has influenced your personal style? 
Crystal: My friend Brooklyn.  I can be kinda circusy, Brooke and my other close friend Lenny have a sophisticated style that has tunes me down.  I get very inspired by them.
Suzanne:  What celebrity has a style sense that you admire? 
Crystal: I don't pay attention.
Suzanne:  When putting together an outfit for an important event or for your day to day, what matters to you most?
Crystal: Comfort baby - can I walk in it, can I get caught in a rain storm, will I be warm enough... oh and could I run into a ex-boyfriend wearing this!
Suzanne:  In your wardrobe, what part do accessories play? 
Crystal: Hmm, I could do better in this department, a good quality handbag makes a statement, earrings are a must for me I love a touch of sparkle and I don't leave home with out my platinum and ice :)
Suzanne: How important is fashion in regards to your career? 
Crystal: Depends which career :) It's really a costume for me no matter what I'm up to, I do my best to dress appropriately for the occasion so that I feel good. 

You know, I've come to realize that I have the most beautiful and talented friends.  I mean, I always knew they were great, but holy moly, they are all exceptional.  How lucky am I?

Now, go get you some.

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