Monday, November 2, 2009

Movie Review: Whip It

Went to see "Whip It" last night with my girls.  They were fabulous, the movie wasn't.

Shim, Ricki, Me, Robinne

Drew Barrymore, Ellen Page, Kirsten Wiig
starring in "Whip It"
directed by Drew Barrymore (oh Drew)

Boring predictable plot, really badly acted, timing was waaay off, strange casting.  Ellen Page was lovely but her light was snuffed out by the less seasoned actors she was playing with.  The dude that played her boyfriend was, well, lets just say he was like a month of rainy days in Vancouver.  You get the picture!  The dialogue was excruciating and my girls and I cringed and chuckled in inappropriate places and stared blankly at the screen during the "comedy" bits. I swore I heard crickets during some punch-lines.  It was kinda like going on a date with a sad shy guy who's painfully trying to make you laugh and all you can manage is a hiccup.  Awkward....
The best thing in the entire movie was Juliette Lewis (what ever happened to her anyway?  She should have stayed with Brad Pitt) who rocked it out!  She was freaking FANTASTIC!  Convincing, full of beans and a real force!  Couldn't wait till she got on screen.
Ricki said it best when she whispered to me "If I wasn't with you guys I would have walked out durning the first half"
I'm with you sister.

I wish I watched Devo instead:



  1. Love your review... Had an awesome night with you girls.. even though the movie sucked....


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