Sunday, November 15, 2009

Dating: Yummy Younger Men - You Rock Madonna!

So here we go again!
When ever I'm active on POF the issue of age rears its ugly, boring head!
I've gone through this several times before.  Actually, last year I dated a 26 year old guy whom I affectionately now call "but I paid for your dinner" (long story but I bet you can guess) for about a month and the age thing was always at the forefront.  Not with us mind you, but around us. Which was very, very boring.  However,  I knew it wouldn't last.  Not because of the age, but because, well, he was an idiot, hence the special name I gave him.  Ha!  But lets face it, I love younger guys so why fight it? This ain't gonna change.  If it hasn't now, it probably won't.
So now, there's this seriously cute guy who is perusing me on POF.  He's, a lovely 27 year old.  I always get the young guys approaching me.  Usually around 24.  Which is a tad too young for me.  They always want to, you know, and ask right off the bat.  Geez dudes, what happend to just holding hands?!  Anyway, this guy is fun, hip, creative, enthusiastic and very promising.  Now, this doesn't mean "Funny Guy" of last week fame is over, its just that we've only gone out on one date which rules dictate that I can go out with other men without feeling weird.
I've had friends think its down right gross for a grown woman of a ...certain age... to go out with anyone in their twenties, but after watching a morning dose of "Nostradamus Prophecies of the End of the World", "The Mayan Calendar and 2012" and "The World Without People" , I have officially decided to give all those narrow minded people the finger.  I shall go out with what ever sweet young thang I wish!  So freaking there!
Thats right, I'm going to follow the ranks of some of the hottest coolest celebrities I know.  I never had a problem with age, why should I listen to anyone now?  Lets look at and drool over some of the cool strong women I admire greatly.

Number one on my list, is a couple that I would pay money to watch make out.

Madonna and Baby Jesus!
Oh my Gosh.  I wanna cry that guy is so freaking beautiful!
Check it out, Madonna is freaking 51!  And looking fabulous!  Better than ever, I might say.  And Baby Jesus, 23!!!  Thats right 23!!! And, I had raised eyebrows at my measly 26 year old! (sigh). Are they not the hottest?  Now ladies, don't say you wouldn't!

Oh MAN!  Madonna, you rock!!!
Where can I get one of those! I have a friend who met Madonna and her baby Jesus recently (I'm not kidding. And I almost had an opportunity to meet them myself) and said that they were the cutest together.  They were in a club and sat in the corner whispering and kissing sweetly.  My friend also said she looked so incredibly young and they looked great together.  Ah, young/older love!  Next:

Miss Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry
Stunning and very happy! And with a baby.  Committed!
She is 42 and he is 33, Yes!!!
And lastly, of course,

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher
They began when he was 25 and she was 40!!!
Now at 31 and 46 they are still going strong!
If this is ok with the world:

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones
Then this should be!


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