Sunday, November 29, 2009

Where the heck is Don Draper?

Where ya been?!  I missed you!  Oh, ok, it was me :)  I missed two whole days of blogging.  And I certainly did feel it! I was very busy working. No, not on set. I actually got a temp job this week in an office and all I can say is, where the heck is Don Draper??

Don from "Mad Men" Well dressed business man!

When I started office temping again after a 7 year hiatus, I experienced a rude awakening. Did you guys know that the offices in TV land have nothing to do with real life!!  HA! How disillusioning! As an actor its easy to get displaced and think that the beautiful people you meet in the film world all look like that in the real world.  Its true, when I got my first assignment as a receptionist for a lawyers office I was positively displeased.  It occurred to me that the balding hunched over old dude was indeed the real life version of his television hot, way too young looking dynamic attorney counterpart.  It can't be true, I thought, there has to be some GQ young whipper snapper here somewhere.  One week later I found out the hottest lawyer was a nasally guy in Birkenstocks and green corduroys who still lived at home and liked to do medieval role play games on his off time. (and I ain't talking the sexy kind!)  Turns out that most lawyers only dress when they are going to court or have an important meeting, and when I say "dress" it doesn't mean that they automatically look great either.  I am one of those women that think, how hard can it be? How hard is it for men to dress well? Its not like they have a kadrillian choices.  Pants guys.  You don't have to try to choose from a list of items. A dress, skirt, separates, evening gown, pants, get the picture. For business, guys just need to find a half decent tie (and there are many to choose from) a shirt matching jacket and pants.  But tons get it wrong somehow and they certainly did in this office. And they are lawyers!  Doesn't that mean they have money?  They don't have to shop at Suzy Sheir or Forever 21 to look half decent.  They could get the real good stuff! There I was in my ensemble. The usual office attire.  Smart jacket, black vest, sensible ruffled shirt, pencil skirt, sheer hose, cool heel, hair groomed to perfection with a lovely dusting of day makeup complemented with shaded contoured eyes and gloss lips.  Completely OVERDRESSED of coures waiting for the phone to ring at the reception.  All because of TV! Hahaha!  People who came in eyed me great curiosity.  I'm sure they thought I was RuPaul or something.
But now in this office for one week, I am determined to have some fun.  On Monday I vow to dress up like Joan Harris from "Mad Men".  Whatever!  If I have to work a straight job (which I am thankful for by the way...), I'm gonna use it for scene study.  I'm going to do a updo and find anything I can in my closet that can pass for early sixties.  And I'll use Diahnn Carroll for reference.

Diahann Carroll.  Divine!

Go get you some!


  1. Not true!!! Totally tv land when I worked at my law firm!

  2. Really Deb? Well, I wish I worked at your law firm :)! Clearly mine was ghetto! LOL!

  3. "Yes, but I was 19/20 at the my view may be scewed..however, lots of scandals ... it's the same one Sharon Wong works at now!'s not the same, maybe it's just the times...."


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