Sunday, December 20, 2009

RIP Britney Murphy

Britney Murphy
LOS ANGELES - Actress Brittany Murphy died Sunday morning in Los Angeles, reports TMZ. She was 32.

The actress known for her roles in such films as "Clueless," "8 Mile" and "Girl Interrupted" suffered full cardiac arrest and could not be revived.

She was taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center after her husband, Simon Monjack, called emergency services. It was there she was pronounced dead on arrival.

It may be strange for me to comment on such an event, but I did a movie with Britney years ago, and I am truly affected by her passing.  

It was a teeny film that went straight to video and at the time, even though I knew who she was, I was not a big fan or anything.  But when I met her she was not what I expected.  She completely charmed me and the entire cast.  Really she was a lovely person and to this date she was one of the most memorable "celebrities" I've ever had the pleasure of meeting and working with.  I am saddened that she's gone.  

"Hello, I'm Britney Murphy" she smiled.  She put out her skinny hand and gave me a firm shake.  She had the most beautiful eyes.  I had no idea.  They sparkled.  Like glittered.  Really.  I was just a day player, I only had around 3 lines in this feature, and she treated me with so much respect.  My lines were directed to her, I played an executive that she was giving a Power Point presentation to.  She had huge amount of dialogue, a massive speech, and she made a couple of mistakes, but it didn't throw her off, she just was so professional and rehearsed it over and over again in between takes. I would have fallen down the abyss if it were me but she kept giving it her all and finally nailed it.  Now and then she would come up to me and we would joke and dance around.  She had an INCREDIBLE singing voice.  I didn't even know she could sing, but she did an imitation of Billie Holiday that would make your hair stand on end.  I told her "girl, you need to make an album!  Your freaking GREAT!".  She said "Oh, thank you...I think I might, but I don't want it to be an actress going into music thing.  I just want to do it right".  I was told she made a single once, but I never did get the chance to hear it.  

After she did her difficult scene, the director told her she could leave the set and take a break, and I would say my lines off camera to the wall.  She said "Huh?  No way, I'm here for my fellow actor, Suzanne will have the wrong eyeline".  And she stayed and made sure I looked good.  Asked the director "hows this, is her eyeline ok?" I was so incredibly impressed.  She was at the best in my books from then on.  A lot of people dissed her as being flighty or on drugs or crazy, but all I saw was a loving, genuine person, who was interested in people and as sweet and authentic as can be.  If she lived in Vangrovy, I'd make her Indian food and we would be the best of friends!

Waiting for the bus home after my day on set, I bent down to try and fix my wonky handle on my suitcase when I heard this voice from the street.  "Suzanne!!!"   It was rainy and cold and I was peeved (as you know I am when its a sucky grey Vancouver day) and was not expecting to hear my name called in the middle of nowhere.  Looking up I saw Britney on the passenger side of a car, smiling and waving to me during a red light.  "Hey!!!" I yelled happily.   "Do you need a drive??" she asked.  I saw a bus coming in the distance and for some reason I thought it was easier just to jump on it so I said, "No honey, thanks though, the bus is coming, I'm not far!"  I blew her a kiss and she yelled "It was great working with you Suzanne!"  I don't know what hit me, but I ran up to the car to shake her hand and she took it and kissed it.  So cute!  She was lovely, and I wish to God I had taken her up on her offer and got to know her.

Britney, you will be missed.  You freaking ROCK!

RIP Britney Murphy!


  1. You add even more grace to her life by sharing this beauitful story with us. I was taken with her. She was so great in the Little Black Book.
    Sad Day.

  2. Beautiful story Suzanna - thanks for sharing



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