Friday, December 4, 2009


Holy cow my life has been insane!!!!

How in the world do you 9-5ers do it?  Its MADNESS!!!
Get up early, wolf down a breakfast, run to work with a bunch of other people running, do your job with a good amount of stressful deadlines, have lunch, run back to work to meet more stressful deadlines, finish at 5:00!  The day is officially gone and I haven't done anything!!  Today I didn't even get lunch, I went to a call back audition and stressed that I wouldn't get back to the straight job on time. This week, my day begins at 5:00 and - I got no juice left. Taping, coaching, interviewing, catching up with friends, cleaning...freaking dishes!

On the other hand, I gotta say, its nice to be part of real society. I even broke out in a smile yesterday thinking about how fabulously normal I was, but its a shame I don't even have enough time to blab to you.  And I miss you all so much!
Let me fill you in on some juicy stuff.

The juciest of course; I have been seeing a lot of  "Funny Guy".  Thank God! Its been freaking GREAT! How wonderfully straight of me.  Work nine to five then seeing "the guy I'm dating" afterwards.  He rocks!!!
You'll be interested to know that "Funny Guy" and I have gone to a couple of movies, gone out to eat (of course - part of the mating ritual) and he has cooked me an Indian dinner in his wonderful swinging pad (complete with A DISHWASHER - lucky sod).  Oh and check this out - he loves doing the dishes!  Ha!  Nice match huh!  Hahaha! Lovely.  Dinner sent me straight to Smitten status.  The dude is funny, wears nice hats and cooks too!  WHATS GONNA HAPPEN, WHATS GONNA HAPPEN! Hope he doesn't have a psycho wife in the attic! Hahahaha!.... (gulp)
Don't worry I haven't forgotten about you my dear readers.
Just for little ol you,  I have filmed two interviews, and am preparing that 20's makeup tutorial video I promised you.
One interview is with the very talented local fashion designer Alicia Grunert. Sound familiar huh? Remember Jaclyn A. Smith from my "Most Stylish People I Know" week?  Alicia was the designer of two of her outfits featured in that Post.

Funny Guy and I went to see "New Moon", you know too see repressed vampires in angst but most importantly to see my hot friend and student, Charlie Bewley!!!!  Charlie plays "Demetri" one of the Volturi Guards in the movie.  I was over that New Moon with joy at seeing him.  The highlight of the movie if you ask me.  Just a cameo but there will be more of Charlie the Fabulous in the next installment of the series!  Charlie for President!!!
Charlie was just in town and took time out of his busy schedule to have a chat! Watch for it in the next week.

Charlie Bewley - New Moon

Love you guys!
Now go get you some!

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  1. Hey chicky! Love the blog. Remember me from last Friday night? Oops that sounds bad .. ha ha .. I'm the one from the cookie party. I hope i'll see you at the next cookie party.... Shine on you crazy diamond! :))


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