Monday, December 21, 2009

AVATAR - Please Take Me to Pandora!!!

Me as Suz'tryi

Ok, I am officially OBSESSED!  I LOOOOOVED THAT MOVIE!  Every freaking moment of it.  I think I smiled like a lunatic through the whole thing and clapped at many inappropriate times from the sheer joy of it! I was watching moving ART and because of the 3-D glasses, felt part of it!  It was - and I have seen thousands of thousands of movies - the most SPECTACULARLY BEAUTIFUL films ever experienced.  STUNNING!  Stimulated my imagination, moved me to almost tears, and made me fall in love.  I would so want to be part of the Na'vi and actually feel part of them.  I mean, look at that hair...not to far off don't cha think?

Loved the movie, didn't love some of the performances.
Right off the top, I wasn't impressed with Sigourney Weaver.  BORING!  I thinks she's a good actor, love her in everything else she did, but she just fell flat on this one.  I would almost say that I thought it was lousy casting.  She was a bit over the top.  Another over the top performance is the amazing Giovanni Ribisi. I say amazing because I know he's a great actor, but plllease!  Talk about over acting.  I think in a way guy is a bit too good.  He is a very particular talent.  He has to play in the right film and be cast in the right part or he just seems like overkill. Not very convincing. I didn't buy that he was boss man.  I also don't think he had the right look, but..whatever.   Hey, maybe I just didn't like his character.   The whole "tree monkeys" racist comment I found incredibly offensive, but really, I just don't think he worked.  Love him - wanna see him in something else.

But none of this affected my enjoyment of the movie.  Those two issues were a mere itch to me.  I was transported.  The story line was touching and the computer generated - Motion Capture, animated performances were completely believable. Seamless, so freaking realistic, I believe the Na'vi existed and had every being had a beating heart.  I can't wait to find out how they did it.  I am going to see this again, and I already know what my costume for Halloween is gonna be.  But why wait till then?  I'm seriously thinking of running around in a thong and painting my body blue.  But in the meantime photoshop will have to do.

Hey, Check out my Avi :) 

Go get you some!  See this movie!  You won't regret it!

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  1. we are most defintiely sisters :) where'd you find a photo for the first one???


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