Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Roaring 20's Party!! Yay!!

Had a real blast at the Sweat Co. Roaring 20's party on Saturday!!  Wall to wall flappers!  What could be better?

Now, as you know readers, I'm all about the period costume parties, so I had a riot putting together this look.  In the end, my love for photoshop made these photos sing, but the preparation for the festivities was a creative feast for me!  I decided to go Josephine Baker, Zigfieldesque for the evening and stuck with good 'ol black and white.  My fabulous friend Jaclyn A. Smith came with (along with many a protest) but we had a jazzy good time!  Maureen Wilson, the owner, was in full form looking like Rene Zellweger in "Chicago", but sadly I realized I didn't get a photo of her highness.  I hope to get hold of some and show you on another post.  In the meantime, here were some of my favorite looks.  Everyone went all out, but I ended up blabbing to these folks a lot and in between fun, took these shots..

Moi en Flapper

"Hahaha, oh Charles, your such a Cad! Are you going to Monty this season?"

Sweat Co.s Resident Heart Breaker Debbie

Don't know who this guy was, but he looked Fabulous!

Show Gal Deb

Gorgeous Mel - And she was gonna wear pants, pah!

Show Girls - Go head!

Me and The very posh Jaclyn A. Smith -Dahhling, peel me a grape!

Fabulous Duo, right on point!

Wonderful evenings with my peeps.  I love my Sweaty family.  Sweat Co, you Rock!

Now, go get you some!

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