Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Man, feels like forever since I did a stalk!  Its difficult when everyone is running to get out of the rain!  But I lucked upon this fabulous lady while brunching with a friend in one of my favoirte greasy dives!  I cut out the pics and put them against another back drop cause I didn't think you wanted to see a substantial dude getting his omlette and bacon on!
Behold funky soul sista Luam.

Who: Luam
Where: Greasy Dive "Nice Cafe"
Top:  On loan from a friend sitting across from her
Skirt: (fabulous, but restaurant was too small
to show you entire length.  Maxi.)
Addiction (in Victoria)

Love the waistline of this skirt!

Love a sister looking rough and tough
in her afro puff :)

Luam rocking a lip ring.  Fabulous!

Go get you some Luam!!

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