Wednesday, December 16, 2009

FASHION IN THE CITY - Interview with Designer Alicia Grunert

As promised, here is my interview with the Talented Alicia Grunert!
Alicia was mentioned by Jaclyn A. Smith as one of her favorite designers when she was featured in my "Most Stylish People I Know" week.
Interviewing Alicia was so much fun. She is a really smart woman with a unique perspective on fashion.  I love her ideas and her feminine, body loving approach to design.   Jax looked wonderful in her designs, but truthfully, girlfriend always looks wonderful.  Probably would in a paper bag!  Hahaha!  I had tons of footage, but had to be brutal and cut it down to under 10 minutes so I could post it on YouTube.  Gotta tell ya, with editing you gotta be ruthless!  Grrr!

A little more about Alicia Grunert:


Now go get you some!


  1. I have seen her before in Movers and Shapers she has some beautiful dresses. Nice piece.

  2. Thanks Amber!!! Glad you enjoyed it!:)


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