Sunday, December 13, 2009

SUNDAY MUSINGS: Christmas Time Is Here

Blue Christmas Lights c/o Funny Guy

Its snowing today in Vangroovy.  I'm eating serial at noon, listening to Vince Guaraldi "Christmas Time Is Here" and looking out the window at the fat, lazy white flakes riding gravity.  The earth loves does this joyful black chick.

I'm feeling happy, romantic and seriously grateful.

Last night I had a Christmas get together with a few friends.  Of course curry was the star of the night, it being a Bollywood Christmas theme (what else!).  I started cooking the day before because I didn't want to stress out the day of, as I knew I would, being the kind of woman who wants EVERYONE to be happy and would probably stand on her head to make sure that happens (and I have in the past let me tell you).  A ridiculous affliction, but it comes mostly from loving all my friends so much and being thankful for them.  Simple decorations, a bit of trashy silver fringe hanging over the door for dramatic entrances and exits and if I must toot my own horn, the best indian food EVER!  I made:

For the spicy challenged -
The good old Broccoli Leek Mash
Shrimp 2 ways.  1. Paprika Shrimp with Garlic & Ginger
                           2. Jerk Shrimp - c/o my beautiful absent friend Robinne, who left town the same day so brought her home made concoction to grateful me the day before during a drive by.  (Thank you so much Robinne, the animals were getting restless while we waited for everyone to show so I fried up a batch with your marinade and everyone was satiated and doing backflips from the deliciousness!)

For the real indian food lovers:
Rajma - (a great standby - Rajma is a Red Kidney Beans curry dish that makes you want to cry is so freaking good!)
Raita - (cucumbers in a yogurt dressing, juzhed up with coriander and paprika)
and the star of the show
Indian Spiced baked Salmon (that made your toes curl it was so melt in your mouth and full of flavor)

Special awards go to Funny Guy for his not so funny but freaking delicious Spinach Paneer Dish.  No laughter there just grateful grins and a few loud mmmms and ahhhs.  He knocked it out!

And the best entrance of the night with Ms. Neena for bringing delicious Basmati riced, with spices and peas - we were over the moon when she arrived!

And even with a full belly we made room for  Ilka and Jax for a homemade Tiramisu and Christmas Chocolate Chip Cookies

The Divine (and hungry)  Ms. Sarah
While everyone was happily feeding, I stood back and looked at everyone. Believe it or not had no need to partake.  I was so filled with happiness seeing everyone enjoying themselves. I love it!  It was like time stopped for a moment for me and everyone was kind of in slow motion.  Its been about 10 years since I have had a Christmas party.  Reasons stemming from finances to having no physical space, but I was determined to participate in Christmas this year. I didn't care. I made it work, Funny Guy brought some plates and lights, two of my friends helped by bringing chairs.   And man, I'm so glad I didn't let issues stop me.  Those reasons were lame, because all that matters this time of year is - excuse the cheeszyness - Giving.  Sounds cliché but its really true.  It felt so good.  The anticipation before friends arrive, the mumble of voices and laughter while your in the kitchen, the kisses, hugs, soft jazzy Christmas music in the background.  People shuffling in and out of the fridge to look for drinks.  The "wheres the spoons?  Where can I find glasses?" The smells of the spices, finding a place to sit.  At the end of the night, a trickle of people left in engrossing conversations or content with the warmth of the evening feeling no need to leave.  And me tinkering around in the kitchen, being grateful that someone else did the dishes. All this is magic to me.  And Christmas is all about hope, love and magic. Beautiful.

New friends old friends and me in bed wondering why I couldn't fall asleep.  After a while I noticed was because I couldn't relax my face I was smiling so hard from real joy.

Can my kitchen be any Smaller?

Now, go get you some.....

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