Monday, December 14, 2009

The Jackson's: A Family Dynasty

Ok, I know this is a veeerrry touchy subject.  But I can't keep my gob quiet about - "The Jackson's" new reality show.

Let me give a disclaimer right away. Ok?
I grew up with the Jackson's, I love the Jackson's, the Jackson's have been an influential part of my life, the Jackson's have relevence in musical history.  The Jackson's are my family. The Jackson's for President.  I know how to do the Jackson shuffle. Learned when I was a teeny wee babe and still do it on command.

But, I just think this is weird.

The Jackson's New Reality Show - The Jackson's: A Family Dynasty

To me, its like, Michael died and now they are getting back together again?  I didn't even have a thought about them before.  They're a bunch of old guys. Not really interested in them today.  Are you?   I'm sorry, this situation just reeks of, well, dare I say (exploitation).  I mean, it hasn't even been 6 months yet.  Let the mourners just come to terms with Michael's passing before everyone revises their career and benefits from the family being in the lime light.

Don't be hatin'.

I'm just sayin....

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