Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Video Birthday Dinner- LOVE!!!

The Best (Most Hysterical) Birthday Dinner Ever!


Lunch Venue: Burgoo for the afore mentioned detectable decedent grilled cheese sandwich. Unfortunately no truffles, but I made love to it and some amazing tomato soup anyway. Dear God its so freaking good. Thank you Burgoo! FG was supposed to meet me and came late. He's the guy with the head down (you can finally get a glimpse) (yes we are still no longer but we made a plan months ago to share this cheezy goodness) The pretty blonde in the picture is my dear friend Tammy. She got me a bottle of my bubbly! A first! I bet she never would have thought she would ever be in a liquor store getting me anything of the sort!
Dinner Venue: Rodney's Oyster House, Vancouver (delish!)
In Attendance: Nolan, Katie, Natana, Wayne, Michelle, Entire Asian Olympic Team, Surprise Acting Student and Entire (hot male and extremely friendly) Staff of Rodney's
What I was Wearing: Forever 21 Dress, Aldo Boots, Fabulous Necklace which spelled "Suebass" (gift from Nolan), New Scabby Tattoo (gift from Katie)
Most Hysterical Moment #1. Wayne's yearly, yet always tear streaming down my face funny, impersonation of an ex-boyfriend of mine who cried once while he and I were making... well you know what I'm talking about.
Most Hysterical Moment #2. Using a spoonful of seemingly innocent condiment on a raw oyster then finding out it was called "Fire of Hell in a Bottle". (hence the picture of my drinking milk to scorch out the excruciating flame in the back of my throat. More tears streaming down my face.
Most Hysterical Moment #3. An interesting happenstance (I like to use that phrase at least once a year)...a student of mine was having dinner there too and not knowing I don't drink hard liquor nor do I partake in coffee, ordered me some nasty vodka and expresso shooter. The entire restaurant (I ain't kidding) started to call my name and clap in synchronicity until I drank the foul stuff. I finally did against my will, and they went ballistic. I repressed the urge to spit it on the floor and took it like a champ. How can you guys drink that stuff? Gross! Medicine! Geez! Look at Nolan's face in the pictures! He LOVED it!
On the menu: Raw Oysters, Halibut with veggies, Some kinda steak, Shrimp Cocktail, Fried Oysters, My favorite bottle of Asti (Michele) that I should be drinking every day. Nectar friends! Who cares its only 5% alcohol! And THE BEST CHOCOLATE CAKE EVER from Capers. All natural organic ingredients and truly the most scrumptious cake made on the planet.

Ahh, I was in heaven. And I wasn't even going to do anything this year, which would have been a first in my entire life. Going through intense times, but man, I'm so glad I did. A small get together, Nolan and Katie were visiting from out of town but I laughed so hard my seat was on fire! Hahaha! My friends are the absoulte best! What would I do without them.



  1. "Very nice..."
    Joanne Metz

  2. That night was the BEST! Sometimes the most amazing moment's come out of everyday living. Thank you for having us a part of your night! Would love to hear the amazing toasts we all's all a little fuzzy for me at that point!

  3. Awww Michellina! It was pretty great! I loved every moment! You did click on the video right? Some think thats just a picture, but it is indeed a video. Press the play button...think I will add that note to the post. The toasts were so lovely..perhaps I should turn up the volume there:) Love you girl and your guy is HILARIOUS! I watch this video every day and still laugh! It will never stop being funny!


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