Monday, February 8, 2010

Photoshop LOVE!

I ADORE photoshop! Truly it was LOVE at first mouse click! Ahhh, the things I could do! Worlds I could change. To be in complete control if only on paper...or computer....I'll take it. I've manipulated a ton of photo images for fun and inspiration. Put my face on other bodies (thinner of course - always a favorite), put myself in Ancient Indian Palaces (one day ahhh), had myself kissing Maxwell and other hot GQ models! I've even made a picture of me holding me.

Several years ago I saw a video of Janet Jackson's "Together Again". Remember that one with her all Africaned out, running around with cougars and elephants (lyrically a lame song but visually rocked! Funky, ethnic, stylish, clothes. Actually the styling in that video really appealed to me..) and doing really bad choreographed dance moves? Well, there was this one image that knocked my socks off. This one!

Janet Jackson Loving Janet Jackson

I gotta tell you, it really effected me. Seriously. I've believe that true love comes to and from oneself then spreads out from there. To be able to give of yourself you have to give to yourself and this is the truth to me. So to keep myself remembering this, I created an image so that I won't ever forget to keep my heart open. Let me tell you, its easy to forget. Especially after watching top model or eating so much Indian food in one sitting that you swear you might give birth to a baby calf. (eww, what an image!) Anyway, check out my version below.

Suzanne Loving Suzanne

Today is my Birthday!  I thought it would be fitting.  

Now, go out there and get you some!

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