Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ashtanga LOVE!

I LOVE Ashtanga Yoga.  I learned it years ago from my fabulous friend Katie Mcclelland of De La Sol Yoga Studios and stopped when she moved back home to Hamilton, Ontario.  She had a great following here and man do I miss her!
I have begun my "Lady of Rage" workouts again, to look great of course, but mostly to elevate my mood and am thinking that I need to "Om Out" as well for some balance.  I stopped my yoga practice when Katie left because I became a kind of "Katie snob" and once you get trained by one person, its hard to go to another teacher (kinda like switching hairdressers) but its time to take the plunge.  I'll always be grateful to my Katie though for teaching me this beautiful Yoga.  Heres a wicked pose of Katie and her boyfriend, who is also a yoga instructor.  HAWT!  :)

Oh yeah, I can do that;)

So cute - You guys need to rewrite the Kamasutra:)

Now, go get you some!

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