Saturday, February 27, 2010

Makeup LOVE

I LOVE makeup!  Many people don't know this, but I went to school to learn cosmetic arts!  I have since revisited that love and am now starting to take it up again.  I feel so 16!  You know, I write that a lot.  Maybe I am 16.  I certainly feel like it most of the time.  Hm.. reminds me of an interview I watched once with Olivia Newton John. Someone asked her if she felt her age.  She said no, that she felt around 16.  I get it...

I really enjoyed doing that Cleopatra video and plan on making more makeup tutorials.  When I was researching Egyptian makeup looks, I came across this fabulous picture of Liz Taylor.  She took the Cleopatra look and made it contemporary.  I rocked this for my birthday.  Beautiful.

Freaking Stunning!

Now go get you some!

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