Wednesday, February 3, 2010

February: The LOVE Month

“The Kiss by the Hôtel de Ville,” taken in Paris in 1950. (Photo: Robert Doisneau)

I've always been interested in love.  Always.  I even have a strong memory of asking for "television kisses" when I was a little girl.  I thought nothing in the world can be better than being in love and kissing. I'm a sucker for love!  I have held on to that dream all my life and indeed it has motivated my every move.  If I see a couple holding hands or kissing, I'm riveted.  If I see a mother talking lovingly with respect to her child, my head does a Linda Blair as I walk by.  If I see friends talking intensely, or one comforting another, my heart pulls like its coming out of my chest and all is right in the world.  I realize I look for signs of love all the time.  I dream of love, fantasize about love.  Watch movies, listen to music, pour over books and study the biology of love.  Its no surprise really that I was born in the month of love.  February 8th is my birthday and everywhere around me I see nothing but red.  I was born in a red, passion, love month.  *Its ironic that I'm single don't you think?   My passion for romantic love aside, I am just as fascinated in love in all its other forms.   Love of family, love of brotherhood, religious love, love of animals...everything!  And yes of course I'm not embarrassed to say it, love of FOOD.  Food glorious food. (that line is to be sung) And am I blessed to be able to enjoy it.  Believe me I give thanks for that one everyday. For most of us, I would say the most accessible in my books.  I can get some really good loving for about a buck.  Mrs. Vicki's Jalapeno chips, or a bag of Maltesers.  Which was my first real love (next to my mummy of course - but thats a given).  Ahh, Maltesers, I can hear my tiny British voice asking my mum, "can we go to the shops to get some sweets mummy?"  Maltesers.  And although I don't partake very often these days, it still has lost none of its charm:)

I had a friend ask me what I wanted for Christmas last December.  I told her I would tell her later and never did.  I always thought it weird to say what you would like as a gift.  I mean, I always held the idea that its the thought that counts, but really, it is pretty cool if their thoughts match your wish, so let me give you one of (a zillion) wishes for my birthday.  First let me say, I've never tried this, but feel if I did, it would be LOVE at first bite.
Be Patient and get through Karen in the Commercial
Thats right people, Grilled Cheese with Truffles...Oh Dear God!

I am going to have a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch on my birthday as a special treat. (grilled cheese sandwich containing a excessive amount of delicious greasy carbby delight - which of course is the bane of every actresses existence) I wonder if I brought in some shaved truffles they would agree to making  this for me.  I mean, some people bring their own wine.  Why can't I bring some truffles? Bread in this demo is a bit too thick, but I would not say "no thanks man" to that decadent delight.  
By the way, the best grilled cheese sandwich in all of Vancouver hands down is Burgoo!

*Yes, its true, funny guy and I turned the last page of the book.  "The End".  Nice story, too bad there isn't a series. (sigh) 

Now go get you some!

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