Friday, January 15, 2010

Oh My GOD Wine!

Michele Chiarlo Moscato D'asti Nivole 2008 

A fragrant bouquet with marked notes of fresh fruit (peach and apricot), typical are the hints of clary and meringue. On entering the mouth it is smooth and delicate, the finish is characterised by fresh and lively notes that make it inviting.

I have NEVER tasted something so painfully exquisite in my entire life!  Nectar from the Gods I tell you! NECTAR FROM THE GODS! I'm in love!  Who needs sex when you can have a glass of this deliciousness?

Oh my gosh, Funny Guy took me to a great oyster restaurant last week as sweetly asked the waiter if they served any dessert wine. Cutie knows its the only kind of grown up bevvy I will drink.  The sweeter the better!  I cannot stand the taste of alcohol! You see, I don't drink.  Most of you know I've actually never been drunk all in my life. Please, I know, its crazy.   I recently tried to remedy that situation by getting drunk in New York last year!  You know, I thought it would be a memorable thing to do -  get drunk in New York City in a famous restaurant while having dinner with a headliner of a broadway show. Actually, it would have been better in sweaty jazzy cafe in Paris, but what's a girl to do? Too expensive to fly way out there! But alas, the anticipated experience did not occur.  I had three glasses of a fabulous dessert wine (well, fabulous until I tasted the above) and - nutin!  I fear I have waited too long and might be immune, but a friend of mine told me I did it wrong.  Apparently I should drink on an empty stomach and I should take bigger gulps or something, and they said that I should try gin or vodka but hey, as I said, one of the major reasons I've never been drunk is because I can't stand the taste!  As if I'm going to drink something so foul tasting! Nuh uh! But now, I have found my poison!  Yipee. Oh my God, I almost cried when I tasted this stuff.  I was beyond disappointed that the waiter just poured a lousy minuscule amount in my glass.  I seriously couldn't get enough!  I brazenly held that empty glass to my lips and tapped the bottom of the glass while my head flung back to get every last precious drop! Usually it takes me about 2 hours to finish a glass of ice wine on those few and far between times I partake, but this glass was gone in about 15 minutes! And now I can't stop thinking about it.  Hey ya'll, my birthday is coming up.  If you have no idea what to buy...if my spa treatment is beyond your purse, I just found this outstanding elixir on line for $14.  I would like 3 cases please!  Oh my God, what's the matter with me?  I should be dreaming of Maxwell singing to me with his shirt off instead of this wine!  Hey, how hysterically happy would I be if I had a dinner date with Maxwell AND the bottle of Michele Chiarlo Moscato?  Oh why do I punish myself????

How do I love thee?  Let me count the ways!!

  This comes from 25-year-old grapes in a single vineyard. If you haven't tasted one of these ethereally delicate wines you are in for a treat: 5.5% alcohol and gentley sparkling, this has an uplifting fragrance of blossom, spring flowers, apricot and delicate strawberry or violet creams. On the palate it has a magical sweetness of sherbet and summer fruits, with fresh, chilled grape notes and a sublime balance thanks to impeccable acidity. This is a real treat.

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