Monday, April 12, 2010

Vancouver's Got Talent - Mireille Urumuri

Freaking fabulous name, freaking fabulous woman! Mireille Urumuri.

I met Mireille some time ago at an audition and ran into her several times around town, yet had no idea she needs to be Canada's Next Top Model! Holy cow! Girlfriend is breathtaking. Not only does she give great pose, but shes also a writer and actor! I'm green with faux envy that shes going to New York to study! Well, maybe I'll got to when I win the lotto, but for now, I will have to live life vicariously through her! Check out these freaking amazing pictures. Clearly she has been stealing my poses;)

Funny, I look exactly like this when I get up in the morning.

I think this one is my favorite! Beautiful!

Nigel Barker thinks this one has great movement

So cool!!!!

Along with her great looks, high energy and Frenchish/Africanish accent, she is sweet and humble as can be! So cute! When I told her I was gonna feature her on my blog she blushed. Ah to be 21 thin and talented. I'd take over the world! Muhahahhaaa! When will I get my time machine working??!!

More you say?? Ok, check back tomorrow for our my Q & A with fabulous Mireille.

Now go get you some and try out these poses;)

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Note: The fabulous designer of the first three shots:  Anna Kosturov   
The fabulous designs from the last shot is from Temna Fialka


  1. She is Fabulous! Been Following this one for a little while!

  2. She is isn't she! And so sweet! Check back tomorrow for more:)


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