Monday, April 26, 2010

Now Thats Sexy - Will - An Incredible Mind

You know I've never been much of a Will Smith fan, but his last two movies left me stunned. That's talent. "7 Pounds" was a creative turning point for me personally, I adored what he did with his character. It wasn't a successful movie, but it moved me to the core. I was pretty astounded. And before that, I was riveted by "I Am Legend". I mean, really. For an actor to capture your attention, ONE ACTOR, for 2 hours is quite a feat. Lets face it, you MUST have something to star in a movie, where you are primarily the only character, and still put butts in seats. I cannot recall any other actor that did that! Who is this guy really? I watched this video on You Tube and was...well, turned on. There I said it. This video is what I call sexy. A freaking brilliant mind with focus and incredible faith in what's possible...

Very Very Inspiring guys! You gotta watch it!
Will Smith

Now, go get you some!

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