Tuesday, April 6, 2010

ACTING: I'm Not A Doctor but I Play One On TV

Doctor, Nurse, Doctor, Lab Tecnictian, Nurse....yeah, thats what I get ALOT of.  Why I wonder?  I have some ideas and even though I complain about it,  I'm happy to be working.  Its great when I get a juicy part that is a cool character that just happens to be a nurse instead of the generic "Doctor, your patient is in room number 3"nurse type roll.  Those usually are referred to as "Nurse 1" or "Doctor 2".  I much prefer the roles that actually have a name like "Dr. Vonner" :)

Over the weekend, I was shooting a commercial for entry into a competiion called "The Reel Challenge". The challenge its to make a movie about protecting content rights.  I can't tell you the story yet, but I promise to show you the finished product when its done.  In the meantime, here are some shots taken on set.

All shots taken by the very funny and fabulously tall producer Jason Goode

Me and the Director Dylan Jenkinson (he was so sweet)

But disagree with him and this is what happens!

The lovely makeup Lady Kalina Beedie
(I did an interview with her in between takes and the sound didn't work!  Curses!!)

"Hi Kalina, what if I just took that lipstick with me?? No?? Just asking.."

On set looking authoritative but kind.

With my patient played by Debbie

"We've got your tests back.  And, well, your mother wears a corset"

"I'm ready for my close up Mr. DeMille"

"I remember when I was a doctor in Africa.  Artists always asked me 
to pose in my Doctors uniform just like this..."

Now, go get you some!

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