Friday, April 16, 2010

FASHION: Coach Bags

I've got a bit of bag love currently going on.  I've never been a bag girl.  Don't know why, I mean I should be because I'm always running around the city on foot which gives me ample opportunity to show off a funky bag, you know, unlike car girls who's bags only see the light of day once arrived at the destination.  Maybe because of my old black clothes self I've never been that excited about my bags.  They've always been black.  How exciting is that?  But I've changed! I find myself peering into store windows at colorful fabulous bags.  And sooo many choices.  A few years ago my mum and I went shopping and stopped by Coach and she ooo'd and awww'd around the bags and I just wanted to know where the food court was.  My sister recently got a colorful bag for her birthday and all of a sudden I've been getting all tingly...  I'm all of a sudden BAG CRAZY.  

My sis and her Simply Vera Wang

So, I've been going on line and dreaming.  I admit I'm still an amateur when it comes to the delicate art of bag appreciation, but I'm learning quickly.  I think these might be hot.  What do you think?

I looooove this one.  Has my name all over it!  Heres a closer view:
Love it!  Its got blue lining, but THE PRICE!! I mean really!
My bags cost $30.00 bucks!

Pink, me likey
Ok, yes it is black, but its fabulous!  
And I would get the green, if I were a millionaire!
Hers a closer view....
I love the pockets on the outside!  (Sigh)

Aren't they fabulous?  Which should I buy when I win my millions?

Now, go get you some!

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