Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Suzanne In The City - Now Thats SEXY

I've been a bit preoccupied lately.  Yes, by boys.  Well, it is spring after all.  Not that I need a reason,  its one of my favorite pastimes as you well know.  I remember a good friends husband introducing me once to a someone at a party saying, "This is Suzanne, she's really talented, and she really likes boys".  I laughed my head off!  (um, I know I don't have to say this but just in case there are some new readers -  when we say "boys" we mean "the adult male of the human species" but its way more fun saying "boys" then that mouthful!)

Recently while discussing the afore subject with a girlfriend, we hit on inevitable sister subject of "He's hot, he's not".  Having a flash back, I remembered a time some summers ago when me and my best gay boyfriend  played the cafe "Sex and The City" game of marking off (on a napkin) who you would sleep with as guys walked by.  I was surprised at how low my "yes" column was.  Really, I had like 3 and we were at a very, very, busy outdoor cafe downtown - during lunch hour!   He had like 48 of course (SLUT)!  Just goes to show you, what's one persons "mmmm" is another persons "meh".

So, feeling a blog post coming on, I decided to present to you my week long "What's SEXY To Me" for your enjoyment.  You know, cause you might want to send me some of this sexiness in the mail.  Or at least it will get you thinking about your idea of sexy.  Or better yet, it might get you feeling sexy.  Which is my world wide wish for every living human being on the planet. That and the equally import ending of world hunger, illness, poverty...yada yada. Now,  go ahead : TOPIC - What's sexy to you?  Put on your name tags and talk amongst yourselves.

Lets begin with the ultimate Sexy SEX VIXEN CLOTHES.
I am beyond bored with seeing Britney Spears, short tight skirts and low bustier or halter tops!  SEXY NOT! BORING!  Nothing sexy, nothing, sensual, and waayy too over exposed.  This is my idea of Sexy Sex Kitten wear.

Rachel Weisz for Esquire
Now thats sexy, not trying too hard, not showing every freaking thing, just
"Oh, you caught me relaxing before I put on my skirt, ohhh maybe, I shouldn't
put on my skirt lover wink, wink."

Rachel Weisz for GQ magazine.  
(Girlfriend knows what works for her!)
A peek of a bra, relaxed tied shirt and legs in high heals.  I much prefer the 
fish net hose like below, but thats probably cause my legs are far from
perfect (well they are perfect for walking, but you know what I mean) and the fishnets make them appear perfect.  Some women wish for bigger boobs, I've always wished for longer perfect legs like my mum.
Why didn't she pass that along?!  Greedy!

Sexy huh?  I love those 60's like shoes.  Again..just relaxing and feeling 
a little naughty!  Sexy!

Continuing with my, I cant find my pants/skirt theme,
here is someone else who plays it well.  Amerie!
Fishnets, high heals and Sexy!

I've noticed a hair makeup trend with my idea of sexy.
1960's big hair, with soft waves and cat eyeliner.

I think this all comes from watching movie musicals as a kid.  When they were in rehearsals they all showed toned legs and wore the body suits.  Always my idea of hot.  Like on of my all time favorites Ann Margaret

Ann Margaret - Viva Las Vegas

Fun, Hot, SEXY

Ok, I'm gonna go work out now. I wanna be able to wear this outfit and show you in a month.  Gimme those legs!

Now go get you some. 

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  1. I love it. What's sexy to me right now is Sharon Stone. Check out my blog on her.....


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