Saturday, April 17, 2010

FASHION: Look Of The Week

Zac Posen launched his line for Target this week.  My top fav look comes in care of Zac worn by Ginnifer Goodwin.

I really like this look.  Yeah, its black, but the silver and white accessories look sleek.
She looks like a fashionable pauper from a Dickens novel :)

Can your makeup be anymore perfectly simple?
Can your skin be anymore zitless?

Now, go wait a sec.  You know I love you guys, and but I notice that only a couple of you have taken part in the pole.  What cha waiting for?  Are your shoes on too tight? Your making my boys look bad!  Now I want to see your cursors clicking, I want some action!!!!  THERES ONLY ONE DAY LEFT, THERES ONLY ONE DAY LEFT!!!!!

Now, go get you some.

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  1. aaagh just another reason for me to go to target and spend more money than i should! eeeep


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