Saturday, April 3, 2010

Closet Overhaul - Its Time!

Ok, here it goes!
As you know, I've made a commitment to undo the Black.  Well, of course now I have to buy all new clothes.  But what's an artist on a budget to do?  Go shopping in her own closet of course!  So I am taking a deep look at what I have.  Throwing out, cleansing, discovering, and absolutely refusing to wear something that doesn't make me feel GREAT.  If its just "ok" it ain't gonna do.  Because my friends, life is short.  What am I waiting to wear that dress for?  Huh? I mean, why cant I wear it now?  I feel great in it and because of the small amount of time we have on this earth, why spend it looking hideous!  HA!  Why not play?  Create, feel fantastic!  What am I waiting for?  Maxwell?  Don't answer that!

Now, I really got myself in a state thinking what I was gonna to do to bring more color into my life.  But when I went through my closet, I was astounded by how much color I actually had!  The problem was, because they were so poorly stored, I couldn't SEE it all!  What to do?  Gotta re-organize.  But how?  Where to start. In my tizzy, I came up with an idea.  Go on YouTube of course!  Ahh, my trusty friend, YouTube.  Well, I found some really great tips!  Again, if you have any ideas, please pass them my way!

One of the favorite things I found was how to store your tea-shirts and sweaters in your drawers.  I feel like such a dope!  Why hadn't I thought of this before!  Was I nuts!  How I wasted all my colorful fashion possibilities!

Check  this out!

Before Drawer
Cant see a stinking thing!  And even when I fold them neatly, in just
one day they get rummaged through and never stay neat!  Whats in there???

After Drawer
Same Drawer, WHAT??!! New clothes?  Nope I can just see em!
I folded then and turned them upwards.  Towards my eyes!   I was blind, now I see!
Feels like I just went shopping!  Who knew!! :)))
(p.s. its been a week and its stayed this fabulous, and I can't 
wait to get dressed.  Its like getting a whole new wardrobe!  Hahaha! :)

Next,  my closet.  I began by grouping my stuff together and making sure they were neat and orderly.  It helped so much!  Got rid of some peices, stored others that were not season friendly so I had more space to SEEEEEE!  Geez, out of sight out of mind.  I put like skirts together and grouped by colour and item. I wore a skirt today I totally forgot I had!  It looked great!

Oh The Shame!!!

After (close up)
Still looks like a lot of black, but most are bottoms.  No Black on top!
(She vows)
And I have that whole drawer of colour to accessorize with. life just got prettier...

What do ya think?  My fashion life has totally changed!  For the better:)

Now, got get you some!

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