Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hope For Haiti - Yes, Beyonce

Ok, you all know I've had this recent hate thing going on with Beyonce since her last pathetic unsexy trying too hard video, but I think she may have snuck her way into my good books again.  No matter how mad I am with this sister of mine, I can never deny her talent.  She's a freaking amazing singer as reflected here in this passionate, real showcase of her God given talent.  Beyonce, don't ever make another mess of a video like "Video Phone" again, and I will forgive you anything.  This is the most beautiful and real, I've ever seen you.  I couldn't take my eyes off you.  Every passionate note was - perfect.

Hope For Haiti - Beyonce Sings Halo

I was so moved during this fundraiser.  Cried several times, and I don't shed tears often.
On another note, remember that "Beyonce On The Today's Show" post I did?  Well, I found out from my girl's site, "The Daily Julie" that it was a hoax!  Naughty old Howard Stern did it.  Oh well, guess she never does have a bad day.  Wait, she did fall down those stairs durning another ridiculous song "Ring the Alarm" ;)

Now, go get you some.

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