Monday, January 11, 2010

Suzanne In the 1960's

Like a lot of you readers, I've been pretty obsessed and inspired by "Mad Men".  Ahh, those fully articulated sentences.  Those rich earthy colors.  The racism, oppression, and traditional value system.  We are totally fascinated!  What gets us to the TV every week, or to the video store in search of Season One?  Is it our amazement with how innocent we were then?  Innocence with a delicious pinch of debauchery?  Or perhaps its the deer in headlight syndrome that occurs whilst witnessing the whole man / woman relations and the lifestyle of the time.  Truthfully, for me, its all about the style!  Bring it on. Fascinating, feminine, groovy and fabulous.   Behold, my version of Suzanne in the 60's.

I'm an actress and singer. This is my headshot.

My look for the day. Meetings with Producers.

My current favorite color palette.

A glimpse of my bedroom.

My swinging New York pad. 
 Don't you just dig my fire pit?

My guest bedroom. Having some friends in from out of town.

My fab friend, singer Tammy Terrell.
She's outta site!

My good friend Emma Peel. She's a GAS!  Strangely difficult to get hold of.
Is that a gun?  Must be a prop...

Emma's pad.  She's so mysterious.  Not afraid of anything!

My friends staying the weekend.  Gotta get them to stop smoking.
People think I'm crazy but I think its bad for you.

Deviled eggs, our favorite appetizer.
Made them myself!

My agent's foyer.  Thats Maggie, she's a mannequin.

I am in LOVE with James Brown!!!
The coolest cat of them all! I have ALL his records!
Tammy got us wicked tickets and we went backstage too meet him.
He's the greatest entertainer I have ever seen! An absolute gas!

I'm renting out my Paris loft.  Got some rich starlet hanging there.

 Cassius and I went steady a couple of years ago, and he still is calling me.
He just changed his name to Muhammad Ali, but he will always be Clay to me.  I won't date another boxer...

Well, thats only part of Suzanne in the 60's.  Hopefully you'll get some idea of how I live.  My life is really really swings doesn't it!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch....

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