Monday, January 18, 2010

Golden Globes Fashion 2010 - Let's debrief!!!

Ok, so the globes were...a tad boring.  No real surprises.  The most memorable moment was when Chloe Sevigny complained how they should have tarp up on the red carpet.  Chickadee seemed seriously peeved and gave a sour puss during an interview and mentioned that now she'll have to pay for it!  Oh dear God!  She will have to actually buy the dress!  Shocking!  Girl, you don't know how good you've got it!  The tastiest morsel was when she got up to accept her award, someone stepped on her gown and ripped it!  "I can't believe someone ripped my dress!" she said!  Hahahaha!  Well, ok it probably cost a couple of thousand, but that is the chance you and Valentino take! I mean girly - you won!  Geez!

Ok enough gossiping about attitudes. Let's get gossiping about the fashion!!!

Love the dress.  Fit her like a dream.  Did not like the makeup.  Eyes looked Dead, Lips too Red!
(hey, I made a rhyme!)
Shoes were hot!  Hair was not!
(Ha!  I did it again)

Emily Blunt
LOVE!  Darling colour on her, perfect shape, soft, dreamy, perfect for the Globes.  Accessories lovely.  Perfect, I would say.  Perfect.

Christina Hendricks
Ok, is she real?  She can't be.  Someone drew her I'm sure.  Some dude, I'm betting.  If there was going to be a somewhat human version of Jessica Rabbit, she would be it.  HATED the dress.  Loved her for making such a mistake.  Such a HUGE mistake.  (what is holding that up?  gotta be some seriously uncomfortable contraption)

HATED IT!  And what's with the hair?  Looks like you took a nap on one side in the limo and neglected to fix it! Loved her speech though.

LOVED IT!  Yea, some may say its too simple, but I thought it a perfect fit. Elegant and effortless.  Is it me or does anyone else think this is a stick it too Angelina dress?  I could see her in it. But Jen wore it first!  Hehe!  Love the shoes too.  I actually didn't know her legs were so good...

Nice!  Butler, I know you only date the sisters!

Nice dress, nice color, but girl, I think you could have done better.  Something about this didn't "sing".  The "note" was off key.  Hahaha!  (ok, I'll stop).   Might be the fit at the boobs or something, and I must say, I do miss the blonde hair.  You are just not shining Fergie Ferg!  I'm ambivalent.

The aforementioned - HAHAHHA!  Yeah, your smiling now.  Won't be so much when you get the bill!  Hahahaha!  I did like the gown though in a "holy ruffle Batman!" kinda way.

Kate Hudson
I like this dress.  Some may think I'm nuts, but there is something about it.  Definitely interesting.  Couldn't keep my eyes off it.  I kinda had to say "lemme see it again???" to make a decision.  I didn't HATE it.   It was memorable.  Do HATE the shoes though.  I get what she was going for, this is a very artistic piece.  Artistic.  Yes, I would say, I appreciate the dress.  Only Kate could pull it off.  Can you imagine it on the below...

Mariah (you are not on fiya)
HAHAHA!  NO YOU DID'UNT!  What in the world were you thinking?!!!  Oh my gosh...have you seen this woman's closet?  It isn't a closet, its a freaking clothing store!  You couldn't find something that compliments your figure??  Oh Mariah, when I see mistakes like this I have to wonder - do you not have any friends?  I would bolt up your door missy.  YOU ARE NOT GOING ANYWHERE DRESSED LIKE THAT!!!

Look honey, look, you have so many other choices....
Moving on...

Julianna Margulies


Is that a statue?  Oh wait, it has nipples.
NiCOLD Kidman.  Hahaha, I'm so funny.
Whateva, we all have nipples.  This dress was well, "sloppy"

Tina Fey
HATED IT!  Nice shape, looks like a carpet though!

Sofia Vergara
LOVED IT!  Love her.  Beautiful construction, lovely fit.  Deep rich colour. Stunning, sexy, confident! Her hair and makeup rocked too and she carried this dress elegantly and with panache!  LOVE LOVE LOVE!

My new favorite!  She seems so approachable and you know I'm obsessed with Avatar!
LOVE IT!  This dress was fabulous!  Trashy fun, young and elegant.  LOVE the color!  Perfect for her skin tone.  Fit could have been better, but it looked comfortable and has an attitude.  Very memorable!  I did not love her hair though.  It kinda fell apart and the length didn't suit the dress.  But she was pretty radiant and seemed so relaxed!

Love you Miss Pandora!

Hahaha!  No words!

Heidi & Seal
Mikey, take note please!  Perfect couple!

and now, the star of the night...
My pick of the most fabulous...

Behold Halle!

Halle Berry, must you be so beautiful.  This dress is unique, risky, fits you like it was sewn on. Sexy, simply stunning.  Hair and makeup - flawless.
The children in my village will sing of you!

Ok, your turn.  What do you think????

Now, go get you some!

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