Wednesday, October 28, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance?

I love this show!!  One of my favorites on the telly, that and just about everything on the cooking network of course:)  I have several favorite numbers.  Performances that made me cry or shocked me or took my breath away, but this show ALWAYS EXCITES ME!

I look forward to seeing a tad of Krumping choreographed into a hip hop number every season and was choked when poor Russell, the first Krumper on the show had to dance for his life.  Made me so freaking mad, especially under the circumstances.  His partner had to sit out their very first performance because of an injury and he had to dance with his choreographer (she was so hot by the way), but Russell RIPPED IT OUT!!  At the end I was glad he was in the bottom just so I could watch him GET BUCKED!

One of the choreographers who always make me sit up straight is Soyna Tayeh!  She is CRAZY!!  I LOVE that woman!  Always interesting, always unique!  Fresh!  Her stuff is always so risky and demented, she rocks!  Now, I know that I usually only have one video of the week, but I couldn't help myself!  This is one of my top 10 favorite performances from the the 2008 season...  am I weird?

Courtney & Mark
Yeyeah!! You so crazy!

Sonya Tayeh
Got a few more minutes?  Let me show you my #1 from "So You Think You Can Dance Canada".  I have  a couple others but this is my go to on YouTube. I ADORE YOU NICO!  HAVE SEX WITH ME!!!
(The meanies at SYTYCDC won't let me imbed so here is the link! : NICO AND LISA - WHEN I GROW UP.  You won't be disappointed, take a minute for some serious SEXINESS!)

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