Saturday, October 10, 2009

Inspired by Weardrobe, Jessica, Franchesca and Cute Little Tavi

Skirt: Odille, Lord knows where I bought it..
Tank: Levis store...(I remember that)
Tights: Um..tights store
Necklace: Crystalline gift
Belt: Thrifted
Bolero Jacket: Oh Lord...Holts?  Just kidding
Expression:  Trying to look chic..
Promise:  I will get better at this, lol!

 What? I am jobless and its a beautiful day.  Why not go through my closet and do a change up on the image. My very first "weardrobe" post and you know what, it was a lot of fun.  More challenging than I thought though.  Sure I'll get better.  What do you think?  I haven't worn this skirt in forever, and recently have been inspired by Jessica's  "What I Wore" blog!

Jessica is the sweetest!  Franchesca and I went to her moving out sale the first day I was in NYC.  I was new to her site and have now book marked it and look forward to stealing all of what shes wearing. Haha!  I literally did too!  Well, ok, I actually didn't steal - I bought a wicked trench from her and wore it almost every day while I was there.

Love the flirty back of this skirt!

Hey, my bunions don't look half bad!
Shoes: RocketDog (Lord knows where I bought it)

P.S. I'll do a whole post on Francesca and our adventures in an upcoming entry.  She is THE BEST!  In the meantime, you can take a peek here:

P.S.S. Now I know why everyone does that broken cute leg you can see the shoes..ohhhh


  1. i love you!!! you look adorable! i told you jessica's site was addicting!

  2. So addicting girl! Cant wait to see what shes wearing! LOL! Whats happening to me! Your blog is the MOST addicting though!
    Love you! Miss you!
    ps. still not sure about the bangs ;)


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